BEACH TRIP: TAKE ONE {Buoys & Gulls}

The annual beach trip came a lot sooner this year…Not really, it just seemed that way. In fact, I still remember what we ate last year, the score at bocce and how many fish were caught. No sooner will I turn around than I will be facing the mighty Atlantic once again.

This years’ epic included our first family venture into kayaking the salt marsh. This was an exciting adventure that stretched the body and the mind. As our guide elaborated on the variety of wildlife surrounding us, it was interesting to note the difference in the typical shore birds. In fact, most of us tend to be most like the famed seagull. Understand, the seagull never catches its’ own meal. You will not see one dive into the ocean to snatch a fish. You will not find it pecking sand fleas off of the shore line. The seagull is a thief and always mooches off someone else – be it another bird of prey or an unsuspecting human packing bread crumbs.

You and I are a lot like that. Now, there’s nothing wrong with reading a good book or listening to a powerful singer or inspiring speaker. From Beth Moore to Chris Tomlin to David Jeremiah and all points in between, how many of us are guilty of spiritually mooching off somebody else’s Scriptural feast? Instead of searching, discovering and ingesting our own nourishment, we are content to gnaw on the already chewed portions from those who walk the road before us. Gleaning is great – but how much better is sowing and reaping. Something about slurping milk when we should be sinking our teeth into a succulent ribeye.

So, if I’m taking something home from the beach this year (besides sunburn and sand in yet to be discovered places), it’s the desire to not be a spiritual seagull. It may take a little more effort and time – but, it’s sure to be worth it in the end. In fact, the process itself should prove to be worthwhile. Now, I’m not completely giving up my diet of crumbs and milk, but I’m definitely searching some minnows and steak to satisfy the appetite and please the palate. After all, I plan on having my own plate at the wedding feast!
Wally Decker
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