A Fair Appraisal

So, WBFJ at the Dixie Classic Fair has come and gone once again . Since I barely have the energy to hold myself upright today, here’s a quick list of the things that I’ll remember from the 2007 Fair.

1. Losing the media goat milking challenge to my own co-worker, Bonnie Hilton. But, I did a lot better than last year, placing a respectable second….eat my sawdust Austin Caviness!

2. Having church at the fair for the vendors and fair workers. Even though there were only a few of us there, it was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL service and I’m sure God was there. Thanks Cindy Johnson and her band “Stage 2” for the wonderful music. Thanks to Scott Haulter, a minister from First Christian Church in Kernersville for his message. And, to the folks at the Dixie Classic Fair for allowing us to be there.

3. Meeting YOU at the gazebo! It was great saying hello to so many of you who came by during the fair. Thanks for all of your kind words and encouragement.

4. Collecting nearly 70,000 non-perishable food items for Crisis Control Minstry! Way to Go!

5. Judging the Heavenly Layerd Cake competition. My blood sugar level may never normalize.

6. Cornerstone Christian Church and their fantastic food!!!

7. Our Morning Show visit with a trainer from the Rainforest Experience exhibit. Not only did I get to handle a 50-pound python, but I may be the only person alive who has ever been peed on by a coatimundi while doing a live radio show.

8. Karaoke at the gazebo…enough said.

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