Airborne Lawsuit

The makers of “Airborne”, the effervescent, immune boosting supplement, are being sued for supposedly exaggerating their cold-fighting claims. Airborne will pay $23.3 million to settle a class-action lawsuit. If you purchased any Airborne products between 5/1/01 and 11/29/07 you may be entitled to a refund. All of the details about the settlement can be found at .

But, before you go there…please take a minute to read my 2 cents on the issue:

Bottom line…yeah, I could get a few bucks back by officially becoming part of the class. But is a few bucks really worth aligning myself with people who sue just for the sake of suing and lining the pockets of the lawyers who represent them? Shouldn’t consumers be expected to have just a little bit of common sense? Did someone DIE or become SERIOUSLY ILL due to this products claims? NO. Did someone give up chemotherapy because Airborne said it would cure their cancer? NO. The worst case is that people bought it and still got a cold. I’ve bought this stuff lots of times, never believing it would cure the cold. I don’t remember it even making the claim it would. But, I do think Airborne definitely has a good mix of immunity boosting vitamins and minerals that really do help you stay healthy.

And, just for the record, I am going to become part of this class so I can OBJECT to the settlement. You can do the same if you like by visiting the settlement’s website.

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One thought on “Airborne Lawsuit

  1. Anonymous

    I’m totally with you, Tammi. I teach high school and my students bring everything to me, and as long as I took Air Borne I was fine, but last week I ran out and now I have my first cold of the year. Sure, I might have gotten it anyway, but it probably would have been shorter and less intense. Truly, I think this stuff is GREAT, whether it keeps a cold away or not. The cold is so unnecessary!
    Cherie from Winston-Salem

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