All For A Good Cause…

How many times have you heard it said:  “It’s all for a good cause…”? 

Good causes abound, don’t they?   Things that touch our lives directly or those that are close to us incline our heart in that direction.  Moral or societal issues like abortion, substance abuse, domestic violence or adoption may command our attention.  Perhaps an illness or disease like Breast Cancer, ALS, Cystic Fibrosis or Juvenile Diabetes finds its way into our heart and checkbooks because of a family member or friend affected.   My own grandfather spent the last 40 years of his life confined to a wheelchair as a result of contracting polio during the epidemic of the 1940’s.  So for my family, giving to the March of Dimes always seemed a “good cause”.

I’m not saying that giving to WBFJ is a “greater” cause than those your heart gravitates toward.  I am grateful that this ministry can be counted among the “good causes” that capture our allegiance.  I have stood in the throngs of cheerful givers who donate to something in which they believe.  The passion and enthusiasm is not only breathtaking but contagious.  Such an experience not only makes your heart proud, but humbles your spirit in realizing how great the need really is. 

This past weekend, I participated in such an event on behalf of a friend suffering from an incurable disease.  The experience certainly gave me a fresh perspective on the WBFJ Sharathon.  To participate and give was not just the right thing to do; it was the only thing to do.  The task seems ominous, but that doesn’t prevent the ones who care from doing their part.   The emotion of the moment perhaps make each of us think about doing more – but it was the previous calculated decision that put us in that moment to begin with. 

For almost two decades, God’s provision has been sufficient for this ministry.  Regardless the outcome of this week, we believe the same still holds true.  For your part in making that happen, we say “thank you”…Besides, it’s all for a good cause!

Wally Decker
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