Are you ready for college football? WFU home opener tonight BB&T Field…Gas prices down for the Labor Day Weekend…Millions suffer from insomnia…Schools opting out of Fed Lunch program (Thursday News)

WBFJ Forecast:  Mix of sun and clouds with Highs in the mid-80s through the Labor Day Weekend.

Are you ready for some college football? Wake Forest hosting Presbyterian – Kick off at 6:30pm tonight at BB&T Field.  -Expect heavier traffic volume around Deacon Blvd before and after the game

Expect more travelers on the roads during the Labor Day weekend. According to AAA Carolinas, gas prices are down around 24 cents compared to last year.  The heaviest travel days: Friday and Monday. BTW: Law enforcement officers across the state will be enforcing the “Booze it and Lose It” campaign through Monday night…

Have trouble sleeping?  You are NOT alone. According to a new government study, nearly 9 million adults in the US resort to prescription sleeping pills to battle insomnia.  Millions more try other options like over-the-counter medicines, herbal tea, or simply count sheep?   Electronic late-night distractions and financial worries are some of the things keeping us up at night.  FYI: Tips for a better night’s sleep: Sticking to a regular bedtime schedule, getting exercise each day and avoiding caffeine and nicotine at night. BTW: The recommended amount of sleep for adults: 7 to 9 hours each night.

The government’s Healthy Lunch Program not making the grade? Faced with large numbers of students who simply avoid low-fat food offerings, some U.S. school districts are opting out of new federal healthy lunch programs. Problem: Too many students stayed away from the school lunch counter and began bringing food from home, or even went hungry. BTW: The federal government spends $11 billion dollars to help fund school lunches nationwide.

Linda Ronstadt has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The 67 year old singer initially experienced symptoms about eight years ago, but thought her singing problems were caused by a tick disease. FYI: There’s no cure for Parkinson’s (which usually affects people 50 and older), but a variety of medications can provide significant relief from the symptoms.

Winston-Salem municipal primary elections:  Early Voting continues at the Forsyth County Board of Elections office on North Chestnut Street.  Voting will be available on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except Sept. 2, when the office will be closed for Labor Day. The last day for early voting is Saturday, Sept. 7, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

 FREE “Drive-Thru breakfast”  –  The congregation at Sunrise United Methodist Church in Lewisville helping ease teachers, parents and students back into their ‘school routine’ this week. Krispy Kreme doughnuts, fruit, coffee and juice will be served during their annual “Drive-Thru breakfast” all this week from 6:30am to 9am.  The church’s location: 1111 Lewisville-Clemmons Road in Lewisville

Hungry for Higher Wages?  Organizers say thousands of fast-food workers are set to stage ‘walkouts’ in dozens of cities around the country today, part of a push to get fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Wendy’s to pay workers higher wages.   Workers say they want $15 dollars an hour, which would be about $31,000 a year for full-time employees. That’s more than double the federal minimum wage.

How heavy is your child’s back pack? Those bulky book bags are causing more back pain  and strained muscles.  Experts suggest that students need to keep their packs light, no more than 10 percent of their total body weight.  For example: a 100 pound child should only be carrying about 10 pounds?   BTW: Buy a backpack made of light material and one that has wide shoulder straps.

Grab some tissues- This story is simply amazing.   96-year-old Fred Stobaugh of Peoria, Illinois saw an ad in a newspaper about a singer-songwriter contest and he was inspired to write a tribute to his wife, Lorraine.  They were married for 75 years. Lorraine passed away back in April.  Fred sat down one night a month later and penned his song “Oh Sweet Lorraine”.  Green Shoe Studios, who was conducting the singer/songwriter contest, received a manila envelope containing a handwritten letter and a page of lyrics for a song titled “Oh Sweet Lorraine” from Fred. The studio was so moved by Fred’s story, the meet him and decide to professionally record the song for FREE.  Check out our short video about Fred’s story and hear the final professionally produced song.

Billy Ray Cyrus comment about his daughter Miley Cyrus,   after her not so family friendly performance on Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards.  “She’s still my little girl and I’m still her Dad regardless how this circus we call show business plays out,” he said. “I love her unconditionally and that will never change.”   -During an interview with Entertainment Tonight


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