As Heard on Your Family Friendly Morning Show 9/29: Keeping the Little in Your Girl/Making Your Resume Shine

Today we spoke with “Secret Keeper Girl” series author, Dannah Gresh.  She has a new book called “Six Ways to Keep the Little in Your Girl” that addresses the many pressures that girls today face and how to protect your daughter.  For more information, visit Dannah’s website:

Randy Wooden from The Wooden Group joined us today to talk about resume writing.  According to Randy, these are the 3 most important components of your resume:

1-Key Words – More and more, companies are using software to scan through resumes, looking for key words that match the posted job description for the position being filled.  Make sure your resume includes these words in the “Career Objectives” section of your resume.

2-Accomplishments – You must seperate yourself from other people with similar qualifications applying for the same postition .  Do this by listing your accomplishments at past jobs, quantifying whenever possible (ie- I increased sales in my department by 20%)

3-Overall Appearance – As with everything, first impressions are so important.  Make sure your resume is visually appealing, laid out well and makes good use of “white space”.

For more infomation about the services offered at the Wooden Group or about their free Thursday seminars, you can call Randy at 793-8040 or visit the website:

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