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The White House and the Food and Drug Administration are proposing an overhaul of the “Nutrition Facts” labels on food packages. Among the possible changes…
• Calories displayed more prominently.
• A new line for “added sugars” — those sugars that aren’t naturally occurring and are added in processing.
• Serving sizes updated to reflect the amount of food people really eat. By law, the FDA has to create the labels based on how much people eat, not what they should eat. This means per-serving calorie counts on the package would be more meaningful.
• Dual listing of nutrients per serving and nutrients per container for some foods. These are items like frozen dinners or a can of soup that could be consumed in a single sitting.
• A listing for nutrients that Americans need more of, such as potassium and vitamin D.
• ”Calories from fat” would be removed because it’s confusing. The type of fat is more important than the amount.

Team Air Inc. said Thursday it will open a new plant in Forest City, creating 70 jobs and spending more than $4.2 million on capital investments over three years.
Team Air, based in Fontana, Calif., provides custom HVAC products to large commercial and industrial customers throughout North America for military projects, offshore drilling platforms, schools, hospitals, manufacturing facilities and large office buildings. They also provide custom products for other manufacturers of HVAC equipment.
The average annual wage for the new jobs will be $39,503, plus benefits. By comparison, the Rutherford County average annual wage is $31,347.

 Officials said the latest state water quality tests show aluminum in the Dan River near the site of the Eden coal ash spill still exceeds surface water quality standards, but continues to decrease.
Iron concentrations are now within state surface water quality standards at three of the four sampling stations, according to the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
Officials said the latest test results come from water quality samples the state agency collected through Feb. 10 upstream and downstream of the coal ash spill site.
Of the 28 metals being tested for near the coal ash spill, officials said iron and aluminum are the two metals at or above surface water quality standards.

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