Friday News, November 26, 2021

Today is Black Friday (Nov 26) and it’s less than a month til Christmas Day.

Increased Fire Danger TODAY.

Outdoor burning is discouraged (National Weather Service)


New COVID-19 variant spreads in Africa: What you need to know.  A slew of nations moved to stop air travel from southern Africa on Friday (Nov 26, 2021), and stocks plunged in Asia and Europe in reaction to news of a new, potentially more transmissible COVID-19 variant.


RECALL: Procter & Gamble Co. issued a recall for more than a dozen Old Spice and Secret-branded aerosol deodorants and sprays, warning that the products could contain benzene, a cancer-causing agent. Check out the list of products on the News Blog


Food Safety 101

Store your left-overs carefully…

Store your leftovers in separate, airtight containers WITHIN two hours of cooking.

Food is not safe to eat if it has been sitting out for two hours or more. Toss it.

How long should we eat leftovers?

-Turkey should be eaten within 3 days.

-Casseroles and potatoes can be safely consumed up to five days.

-What about the pumpkin pie? Any egg-based pie should be eaten or tossed at the four-day mark, and that includes store-bought pies.

-If you need leftovers to last longer, put them in the freezer.

Safe temperatures: 40°F or lower in the refrigerator, 0°F or lower in the freezer.



HPU POLL: Pumpkin pie is North Carolina’s favorite pie during the holidays.
The poll, conducted by High Point University, reveals that pumpkin pie is our favorite then apple and pecan pie with sweet potato pie not far behind.

Many of us (64%) don’t fully understand our local recycling policies.

More than half of Americans have a guilt trip when they don’t know what item should be recycled, according to new research.

Most of us (72%) feel recycling should be standardized.

*Survey of 2,000 people conducted by OnePoll on behalf of all-natural pet food brand Nature’s Logic.


Landfill hours of operation over the holidays on the News Blog   /   Call City Link 311 or 336-727-8000

Update:  The Old Salisbury Road landfill in southern Forsyth County will be

         CLOSED through January 31, 2022 due to a ‘staff shortage’


Bell ringers needed: The local Salvation Army needs bell-ringers for their Red Kettle fundraising campaign – now through December 24.





MORAVIAN STAR WORKSHOPS at Historic Bethabara Park

Learn how to make a traditional Moravian star ornament at an upcoming Saturday workshop (DEC 04 + DEC 11) from 10am until 1pm. 

Materials will be provided (bring your own pair of scissors).

You will take home a completed 4.5” Moravian star ornament at the end of the 3 hour workshop. The cost is $25.00 per person. Pre-registration is required. 

Contact Frank Brown at (336) 397-7586 or


Do you have your Christmas decoration up, yet?

New research in the Journal of Environmental Psychology finds that people

who put up their Christmas decorations early tend to be happier and friendlier. Psychologists say Christmas decorations are nostalgic and bring people back to simpler and happier times, at least mentally.

They also help boost dopamine, the feel-good hormone.


Buy your ‘real’ tree early?  If you want a specific ‘live’ Christmas tree, farmers and sellers recommend you don’t wait until the last minute. Supply chain issues and environmental problems have caused a shortage this year.

*Expect to pay up to 30% MORE for both live + artificial Christmas trees.


Ever considered renting a ‘real’ Christmas tree?

Tree farms in England like Rental Claus have been renting re-plantable trees for several years. Renting a Christmas tree ‘lessens tree waste and also helps to provide a habitat for wildlife between the holidays’. People often rent the same tree year after year and lovingly give the tree a name.

*Example: Rental Claus rents real Christmas trees til they reach 7 feet tall.

Then the trees are ‘retired’ to a local forest to continue growing in the wild.

Learn more:


Are you a gift ‘wrapper’?

Over half of us (51%) dislike wrapping gifts. And would prefer having a professional wrap their gifts. Half will ‘go out of their way’ to buy easy-to-wrap gifts.

The hardest gifts to wrap?

Bikes (55%), gym equipment (46%), sport balls (45%), guitars (45%) + candles (22%).

More than half (59%) can tell ‘what something is and who it’s from’ based on how it’s been wrapped.

The average spent on gift-wrapping materials for the holidays is $56 dollars.

SURVEY: 2,000 Americans Commissioned by Slickdeals and conducted by OnePoll.


Tips: Keeping safe in ‘COLD weather’…

Wear extra layers of clothing when going outside. Don’t forget your hat and gloves…


-Make certain your tires are properly inflated.

-If your car battery is close to 3 years old, have it checked / replaced…


-Keep portable heaters at least 3 feet away from furniture and drapes.

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