Genie recalls garage door openers…New name for WS fairgrounds…California couple stikes Gold? (Wed News)

Just a reminder: Thursday is the annual Collegiate Day of Prayer – Uniting campus and community through Jesus Christ.

RECALL: About 10,000 Genie garage door openers have been recalled because of a fire hazard. You can contact Genie to receive a free repair kit, which includes a new control board and installation instructions. Genie contact info:  1-800-488-9918 or online at

Tony Dungy will speaking at Wake Forest University on March 26.  The Super Bowl winning coach and NBC analyst will be part of the University’s ‘Leadership Project’.  The event at Wait Chapel is FREE and open to the public.   Doors will open at 5:30pm (seating on a first-come, first-served basis).

Say What??  A federal appeals court has ruled that North Carolina cannot offer a license plate bearing the pro-life message, “Choose Life,” because the state does not also offer an alternative license plate with a pro-abortion message. ” BTW: “Choose Life license plates are currently legal in 29 states, including every state in the Southeast.

The Arizona Legislature passed a bill last week allowing any business, church or person businesses with ‘deeply held religious beliefs’ to ‘deny service to homosexuals’.  Supporters agree that the bill is designed only to protect business owners with strong religious beliefs from discrimination lawsuits that have happened in other states. Arizona Senate Bill 1062 is currently on Governor Jan Brewer’s desk.

The Dixie Classic Fairgrounds has a new name – the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds  After selling the Joel Coliseum to Wake Forest University back in 2013, the city needed a new name for what was left, including the fairgrounds, the Annex and other buildings.         BTW: The Dixie Classic Fair AT the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds: October 3 – 12

Need help with your taxes? is a great resource… Get help online or visit various sites around Winston-Salem for tax assistance.  

California couple strikes gold?  A husband and wife literally ‘struck’ GOLD (or at least stumbled upon it) after finding more than 1,400 gold coins on their property in Northern California.   The gold coins were unearthed last February (2013) by a husband and wife, who wish to remain anonymous. They were walking their dog when they spotted something shiny on the ground. The couple dug and eventually discovered eight metal cans, containing more than 1,400 gold coins. No one knows how they got there, or who the coins might have belonged to. The coins date from 1847 to 1894. Most were minted in San Francisco. They have a combined face value of about $27,000, but experts believe they could fetch $10 million or more. The couple is planning to sell much of the collection.

“…it all boiled down to a choice…between a life and a limb,” Miles O’Brien, award-winning science journalist and former CNN anchor, revealed in a blog post that his left arm was amputated recently after a ‘not-so-severe” accident.

On February 12, O’Brien was stacking cases onto a cart after a reporting trip to Japan and the Philippines, and one of them fell on his left forearm.

“It hurt, but I wasn’t all ’911′ about it. It was painful and swollen but I figured it would be okay without any medical intervention. His arm seemed sore and swollen the next day, but didn’t appear worse. That night, though, he experienced greater pain and swelling, and the next day asked the hotel where he was to refer him to a doctor.

The doctor told O’Brien he may be experiencing acute compartment syndrome…a condition involving increased pressure in a muscle compartment , according to the National Institutes of Health. After entering surgery, O’Brien woke up to learn that his blood pressure had dropped during the procedure. To save him, the doctor had made the decision to amputate just above the elbow.


A crew with the N.C. Department of Water Resources is collecting fish from the Dan River for additional testing, after that Duke Energy coal ash spill into the Dan River at the beginning of the month.







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