Transition to Work Director

Posted 2 years ago

Job Descripton:

The Transition to Work Program (TTW) Director fulfills assigned program responsibilities of the Forsyth Jail and Prison Ministries (FJPM) in the correctional center (prison), and the community at large. This position provides day-to-day oversight of the TTW Program. The work of this position focuses on direct ministry to transitioning offenders, ex-offenders, and families.

Responsibilities are in three areas: Pre-Release in the Facility, Post-Release Field Work in the Community, and Administration and Growth. This is accomplished by the mentoring, encouraging, and teaching of offenders/ex-offenders; coordinating, planning and leading various TTW programs; supervising other program volunteers and support personnel; and training a permanent Director.

Job Location: Winston-Salem


Job Start Date: 1/15/2022

Contact Name: Mark Hogsed

Contact Phone: (133) 675-9006

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