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WBFJ News – Monday, December 31, 2018 Usually, it’s January 1st that you hear about New Born Babies, as to who was born First for the New Year. But, when a baby is born only 3 Ounces SHY of 15 Pounds – Yep – That’s Newsworthy! Baby Ali (Ah-LEE) was born December 12th at Arlington Medical Hospital in Arlington, Texas, weighing 14 pounds, 13 ounces. According to hospital records, Ali was the largest baby ever born there. So Large, in fact, that – at a little over 2 weeks old – he’s already in clothes for 3-to-6-month-olds and, already in a size 3 diaper. Needless to say – Ali is doing well!   Stargazers around the world, rejoice! The universe is about to give you an exciting astronomical year. 2019 is featuring five eclipses, a rare planet transit, one of the best meteor showers and a super blood wolf moon, but the fun doesn’t stop there. The new year will also bring three supermoons, a blue moon, multiple meteor showers, close approach by the moon and Jupiter and several rocket launches. For a Complete Look at these Space Specials for 2019, click the link on this story on our News Blog at WBFJ.FM. Before the first month of each New Year has even come to an end, most people have given up on their annual commitment to themselves. For 2019, that means Saturday, January 12th is the likely fateful day of the Next Round of New Year’s resolutions. Sticking to resolutions is hard and we all know there’s a lot of talk and pressure in January about getting fitter and being healthier. A Key Factor in Success, is Not having Unrealistic Expectations – Motivation – and, Accountability! Her Majesty the Queen (of England) used her Christmas message to speak plainly of the ongoing and vital significance of the coming of JESUS CHRIST. In the face of attempts to demote Christian belief, the Queen spoke of the truth of the Bible’s account of JESUS’ Birth as one which is “never out of date”. The Queen’s traditional Christmas message was seen by around 6.4 million people throughout England – making it the most watched program of Christmas Day.   Your WBFJ Weather Forecast Today: Showers… High 57 Tonight: Cloudy… Low 58 Tuesday: Cloudy… High 65 Wednesday: Mostly Cloudy… High 52

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