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The membership of Wake Forest Baptist Church on the University Campus has voted to dissolve due to a declining and aging membership, limited financial resources and a new rental policy imposed on the church by Wake Forest University.  The present-day church was organized in 1956 when Wake Forest College moved from the town of Wake Forest to its present location in Winston-Salem.


A 1,400-pound great white shark, named Breton, recently pinged approximately 60 miles offshore near Myrtle Beach.  According to OCEARCH, Breton was 13 feet long and weighed 1,437 pounds at the time of tagging.  After spending his June and July off in Florida, has he finally started his journey north?…which is unusual for Great Whites that normally already find themselves in the colder northern waters by this time of year.


There’s a Lot of Hype right now about “Toys R’ Us” making a Comeback.  It is TRUE! – In fact, by October, Macy’s will devote space in all 400 of its stores to that iconic toy shop.  BUT – IS IT coming to the Macy’s in Greensboro? – Answer: YES!’s,option%20in%20the%20Piedmont%20Triad.


Senate Democrats have passed their sweeping tax, health care and climate change legislation after a marathon night of voting.  The long-awaited $740 billion bill would raise taxes on corporations, tackle climate change, lower prescription drug costs and reduce the deficit.


The sun has been very active lately, which could cause a few problems for us here on Earth, according to NASA.  While not yet at its peak, the solar cycle has already surpassed predictions.  Solar flares and eruptions will likely increase from now until 2025, as we reach solar maximum.  That brings impacts here on Earth, possibly disrupting navigational tools like GPS, causing blackouts and other power grid problems, and cause radio communications issues.  Strong solar flares could also create health risks for astronauts, issues for spacecraft, and potentially create concerns about the health of flight crews and passengers on airplanes.


Nonprofit “I am a Queen” hosted its 14th back-to-school giveaway Saturday, but, for the first time in years, kids could hand-pick their supplies inside the Windsor Recreation Center.  Dozens of volunteers danced in the gymnasium as they handed out nearly 800 backpacks, plus notebooks, pens, markers, pencils, binders and books.  I am a Queen also works throughout the year to serve the community, whether its the winter drive for people experiencing homelessness or the Ultimate Christmas Adoption program, that provides assistance to families in the Piedmont Triad facing economic hardship during the holiday season.


The Perseid meteor shower is one of the best shows all year for “shooting stars”.  Though the Perseids have been active since July 14, the frequency of meteors hurtling through the sky is now heating up this week.  Scientists say the peak time to view this shower will be on the night of Thursday, August 11.  The full moon that night may make it tougher to spot the meteors, so train your eyes toward the darker areas and watch closely.  This week is also one of the best times to see the ringed planet of Saturn in dramatic fashion.  On Sunday, August 14, the giant world will line up with the Earth and the Sun. The alignment is called an “opposition.” Saturn will be closer to Earth than it has been in more than a year. If you want a peek at the planet, look for a golden yellow light shining steadily in the east after sunset. With binoculars, you may even see the spectacular Saturn rings.


WBFJ Family Station Forecast

Today: Sunny w/scattered storms after 5:00pm … High 91

Tonight: Mostly Clear overnight … Low 71

Tomorrow: Sunny w/scattered storms after 2:00pm … High 91

Wednesday: Sunny w/scattered storms after 2:00pm … High 90

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