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FREE JOB TRAINING: Goodwill Industries of Central NC based in Greensboro is starting a series of ‘career training classes’ this week – to better prepare people for jobs and help people grow their businesses. More info on these virtual classes and programs with descriptions by Triad Goodwill on our News Blog at


What’s the best diet?  The one that works? ?

For the fourth year in a row, the Mediterranean diet continues to be named the best overall diet, according to U.S. News & World Report’s annual ranking.

The plant-based Mediterranean diet also nabbed the No. 1 spot for best diets for healthy eating, easiest diets to follow, best diets for diabetes, best plant-based diets and best heart-healthy diets.

The foundation of the Mediterranean diet is vegetablesfruits, herbs, nuts, beans and whole grains. Meals are built around these plant-based foods. Moderate amounts of dairy, poultry, eggs and seafood. Red meat is eaten only occasionally.


Samaritan’s Purse heading to southern California

An Emergency 50-bed Field Hospital will be staffed in Los Angeles County, which has a population of over 10 million. A cargo plane left PTI around 9:50am this morning ‘to bring in the medical equipment needed; tents are already set up after being transported across the country by a Samaritan’s Purse tractor trailer’. The situation in LA County is devastating –  every 8 minutes a person dies from COVID-19.

*The mobile field hospitals in both Lenoir (NC) and Lancaster (in California) treat those who are COVID-positive but do not need the support of a ventilator.


Update: The Guilford County Health Department has become the latest hospital or county health agency to be overwhelmed with demand for the COVID-19 vaccine from individuals ages 75 and older. The county said it will resume appointments once the next round of doses arrives from DHHS, by Wednesday. Details at

or by calling 336-641-7944.  BTW: The current Phase 1A distribution is for health care workers caring for patients with COVID-19, individuals who are at the highest risk of being hospitalized or dying, and those at high risk of exposure to COVID-19.


Update: More fall-out from that riot at the US Capitol last week.

The US House of Representatives is set to vote either today or Tuesday on a resolution urging VP Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which allows Pence and the cabinet to remove the president if he is unable to discharge his official duties.  After that, Pence and the Cabinet would have 24 hours to act before the House would move toward impeachment.



Governor Cooper and the Council of State were sworn in on Saturday in Raleigh.

But ceremonies looked different because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The inaugural ceremony was streamed online to a limited, select audience of family and staffers due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


College Football Championship Game

#1 Alabama vs #3 Ohio State TONIGHT at 8pm (ESPN)


A woman who fell at Pilot Mountain Sunday afternoon is in critical condition. The woman, who is in her late 60s or early 70s, fell from a ledge on the Ledge Springs Trail.


Project Northmoor?  Author J.R.R. Tolkien’s home in Oxford, England is for sale and one organization is hoping to buy and preserve it as a literary center.

The home sits at 20 Northmoor Road in the university city and it is where Tolkien lived from 1930 to 1947 and raised his family. It’s also where he wrote some of his most beloved works including The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit.

Project Northmoor aims to make the home a literary center in Tolkien’s honor. Golding says it would focus on all aspects of his life, from his writing and years as an Oxford professor, to his deep (Christian) faith and famous friendships.

The challenge: The group needs to raise some $6 million in 3 months…

Find out more:

“There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo…and it’s worth fighting for.”  -Sam Gamgee



Health and the New Year: The Best Ways to reduce ‘the middle’. 

One of the most stubborn and tricky areas to lose extra fat is our ‘middle’.

Though each person is unique, most of us will struggle to lose belly fat as we blow out more birthday candles every year. Rather than logging more hours on the treadmill or only eating salads for every meal, we’ve determined a few lifestyle hacks can help you win the battle against a muffin top once and for all. Try these…

*Practice intermittent fasting.

No eating right before bedtime!  So, if you finish dinner by 8 p.m. and have breakfast at 8 a.m., you complete a 12-hour fast.

*Cut out refined carbs and added sugar.

Reminder: ‘Carbs are not the enemy. But, not all carbohydrates are equal’.

Refined carbs include fast foods, white rice, white flour, pastries, pasta, pizzas, desserts, and cereals.

Good Carbs: Quinoa, buckwheat, sweet potatoes, beets, blueberries, and whole-grain or gluten-free oats.

Limit alcohol.

*Keep exercise consistent.

Modest exercise like going for a long walk will help to burn calories and keep a more lean body mass

“No matter how much of a sweat you work up, you can’t erase a bad diet”

*Reduce stress and prioritize sleep.

When we’re asleep, our bodies do all of the hard repair work from the day.

Many good hormones are secreted during sleep that promote healing.

*Mimic the Mediterranean diet.

Consume more healthy fats like avocados, nuts, olive oils, along with vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. According to one study, those who follow this eating regimen long-term showed a notable decrease in waistlines.

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I enjoy many things: Music. Family movie nights. My American flag flapping in the wind. Sunsets at the beach. Snow days. The Sweet Tea Party. Salvation through Grace… VERSE: “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD” Psalm 150 QUOTE: “A person who loves his job, will never work a day in his life.” MON-SAT 6A-10A (& Sunday@5 host)