National School Walkout – Experts weigh in

Today marks one month since that deadly school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  Students across that nation are planning a ‘school walkout’ in protest of school violence at 10am this morning…


What happens if I don’t want to walk out?

Can a teacher join in the walkout?

Experts tackle some of the most asked questions at the News Blog


One Christian school in Chesapeake, Virginia will be participating in the National School Walkout this morning, but with a different focus…prayer.

Officials with Greenbrier Christian Academy want to give their students a way to remember the victims of Parkland, Florida – and be a part of the national discussion – while praying for the victims and their families.

The school will set up a memorial of 17 empty chairs each with the name of one of the victims from Stoneman Douglas High School, along with a rose, in front of the auditorium. Approximately 200 students ranging from grades 7-12 will be divided into 17 groups. Each group will be assigned one of the victims.

The students will walk out of their classroom at 10am this morning and file past the 17 empty chairs – to a designated part of campus.

There, each student group will pray for the families of the victims, the country, and the nation’s schools for 17 minutes.

“Our students are definitely excited about the ability to participate in a national discussion but do it in a positive way. It will be a time to shine God’s love on the victims and the people who are hurting right now…”

-Danielle Gullickson, community director with Greenbrier Christian Academy

                                      SOURCE: CBN News


What happens if I don’t want to walk out?

Students who don’t want to join the walkout — either because they don’t agree with the cause, just don’t want their school day interrupted or whatever — shouldn’t be punished or retaliated against in anyway.

“This is not a legal question “all students should have the right to remain in a safe school environment.”

Schools need to make sure students understand they’re under no obligation to participate in the walkouts. “Schools should be proactive ensuring that students know .. that if you don’t want to participate that you’re not required to do so,”


Can a teacher join us in the walkout?

Now this is a little tricky. Most schools have policies that allow teachers to take part in political causes, but on their own time and not when they are working for their school district.

Schools have a right to require teachers to teach during school hours, Wizner said, and “teachers would have a very limited First Amendment right to participate in a walkout during school hours for a political cause

On the day of the walkout school leaders need to make sure their priority is on teaching.




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