Networking for Your Next Job

Thanks to Randy Wooden from the Wooden Group for coming in today to talk about the importance of knowing how to network well when you are looking for a job. 

Randy is hosting a webinar at noon today about networking.  You’ll find it here:
access code: 3311GH

Also, Randy has an internet TV show starting this Monday.  It’s called Get Hired: 11@11 and it will air every weekday at 11:00 AM.  You can access it here:
access code: GETHIRED
Here is the rest of Randy’s contact info:

Randy Wooden

Wooden Group, Inc.
(O) 336.793.8040 (M) 336.403.0188
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2 thoughts on “Networking for Your Next Job

  1. Wooden

    Thanks for having me on this morning. I'm excited about helping your listeners. About that TV program next week at 11am… just to be safe, let's make the access code case-sensitive. GETHIRED
    Thanks. And if listeners have questions they can always call me at 793-8040 or email me at

  2. Tami

    Thanks for the heads up! I corrected it on the blog. Always good to have you in with us…we appreciate your wisdom!

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