“Never Stop Teaching and Leading” by Herb Burns, Jr

There is never a more important time in our nation than now. Our nation needs healing – now – stresses local author Herbert I. Burns, Jr.

Verne and Wally chat with Herb Burns about his latest book… Listen now

In his book “Never Stop Teaching and Leading: Help heal our Nation”, Burns takes you on a historical journey from the founding of our republic to the unwell times our nation is now in. He creates a prescription of progress for you if you are willing to take and make the stand with your teaching and leadership to help heal our nation.
The prescription involves your children, your families, your faith, and work. All of these were the healthy foundations of our republic. The author also provides you with the opportunity to fill in the blanks as our future evolves. Will our nation become healthier or sicker? It is up to you. Continue reading for the full diagnosis and remedy. You can make a change in our nation’s future. Start now before our republic dies and spread the word to others as we help to heal our nation!
You will learn about the history of our nation from its founding to the present. You will be taken on a journey of discovery and learning and leadership. You will read stories from leaders in business, education, faith, and family. From these stories and other vignettes in this book a discovery can be made as to what you need to do to help save our nation as a republic. This book is a must for all Americans. It is time that we stand up and rise from the death of non-action that many of us have been in. There has never been a book like this that will challenge you and our nation, and now is the time!

BIO: Herb I Burns, Jr is a licensed architect in the state of North Carolina. Burns has over 39 years in teaching ‘Engineering and Design’ at various institutions including Forsyth Tech, UNC-G and Salem College. Burns currently is President of HB Studios. www.herbburns.com. HB Studios focuses on architecture and interior design, digital content, publishing, international, business, and educational consulting.

*As heard on the WBFJ Morning Show with Wally and Verne
Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

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