Puppy Love

There’s no doubt, God will use whatever it takes to open our eyes and hearts to His love.  He’s even used my sweet dog, Coco, to show me a thing or two. For starters, Coco has served as a model of what it really means to “Delight in the Lord”.  Coco, in a fuzzy, messy, precious way certainly delights in me.  She is constantly under my feet and follows me from room to room.  When I leave the house each day, she looks out our son’s bedroom window to watch me as I get in the car and drive away.  She looks so sad!  When I finally come back home, she waits at the door to greet me, panting, howling and wagging her tail with excitement because I have returned and we’ve been reunited.  Now, imagine if we all got that excited about our time with God!

Coco shows me what it looks like to truly be content. Our pup admires her family members so much, but expects so little in return.  We provide her with the basics: shelter, food, water, and somewhat regular trips outside to use the bathroom.  I have earned her complete adoration by simply rescuing her from the pound and taking care of her daily needs.  When I do a little something extra…like give her a scrap of leftover steak, taking her for a long walk or scratching her belly, she doesn’t need words to express her appreciation, it’s written all over her face.  It’s so easy to make her happy! 

Coco models the kind of admiration described in Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.”  long to live out this verse by being easily and thoroughly satisfied by God’s provision of my daily bread, and appreciative of all the extra blessings that come my way!

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