September 22nd Edition

My…how the years have gone by so fast…..It seems like yesterday that Tony and I were cuddling this beautiful little baby girl.  I remember thinking how dependant she is on us to take care of all her needs and knowing that everything we do would be what she would come to know in her life.  At first that thought was very scary, but then I thought – I want to be the best mom ever!  In many ways along her life’s pathway, not everything was perfect, but with God in our lives, He got us through the years to this point and now comes the hardest part of life….letting her leave the nest.  Our daughter, Christina, will be getting married this Saturday to a young man name Lance.  Tony and I are so blessed to know that she has found a good man that we feel will take care of her the rest of the way.  It is a very sad time but then again a very happy time of our lives.  After all, God gives us children to raise with His helping hand so that they may one day have their own children to do the same.  We are the fruit of the trees in God’s eyes and the fruit continues to grow and spread out.  Please keep us in your prayers for the upcoming events this weekend and especially for Christina and Lance in their new life together as one.
 There are different kinds of gifts. But they are all given by the same Spirit…..1 Corinthians 12:4
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