Tech: Keeping kids safe with their mobile device

If you’ve got kids, you’re used to the requests. The biggest argument as to why he needed the phone was because “all of his friends” have one.

BLOG: Keeping your kids safe with their mobile device

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Until recently, we had the rule, you don’t need a phone until you’re driving on your own. However, we came to this realization that kids no longer talk on the phone. The ONLY way that they communicate (even when they’re next to one another) is by Texting.

Despite me working in a technical field and spending most of my day on my computer/phone I didn’t think that I was TOO out of touch with what was “cool”, but apparently I am. We realized that our son would be “left behind” socially and even in his job and future education if he didn’t understand how to use a smart phone successfully. We felt it was our responsibility to teach him how to use this new technology safely and wisely.

There are plenty of things that you help teach your younger kids how to handle. And most of the time, you have to remind and teach often (it is never a one time deal).

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