The Iraq War is officially over, Triad soldier last to die (NEWS) DEC 16, 2011

Your WBFJ Family Station Forecast   Rain this afternoon into tonight with temperatures falling into the upper 40s this afternoon.

With the official end of the Iraq War announced on Thursday, a Piedmont soldier has become a bittersweet part of history.  23 year old Army Specialist David Hickman of Greensboro became the last American soldier to die in Iraq.  Hickman was killed in an I-E-D explosion on November 14th. FYI:  Hickman’s friends are planning a 5K run in the spring in Hickman’s honor to benefit the Wounded Warriors project.,0,4736928.story

Starting in January, the city of Greensboro will start referring unpaid parking tickets and in-active water bills (older than 45 days) to a collection agency.  Residents have until Friday, December 30 to contact the Collections Division in Greensboro and make their payments…before having them turned over to the collection agency.  Those who owe money can call the City of Greensboro at (336) 373-2489.,0,6951696.story

Representative Howard Coble is responding to treatment for an upper respiratory illness.  The 80 year old representative will likely remain in the hospital through Sunday. 

British-American writer Christopher Hitchens has died from complications of esophageal cancer. He was 62.  Hitchens was best known for his columns in Vanity Fair magazine, a voice for atheism and a harsh critic of religion.  In 2010, Christopher Hitchens had a public debate with his younger brother, Peter Hitchens, who is also a writer…and a Christian on whether civilization can survive without God.

Random Act of Christmas Kindness?  A few Kmart shoppers were ‘blessed’ earlier in the week when an anonymous woman at the Super Kmart in Indianapolis paid off the outstanding layaway balances for several customers and then started handing out $50 dollar bills.   The woman, a widow, said that she had money, and she wanted to make someone’s Christmas (extra special).  The anonymous woman was telling fellow shoppers that all she wanted in return was for them to ‘give back’ and do something ‘good’ for someone else… ABC WRTV-TV6

Just in time for Christmas: Consumer Reports: AA batteries.    Testing was done using identical digital cameras.  Brand name batteries (such as Energizer and Duracell) out performed cheaper store brand batteries.  So, you really do get more for your money when picking up batteries. Consumer Reports tested both re-chargable and non-rechargeable battery types.  FYI:  AA batteries are still the most widely sold battery type.                                                                            Lithium batteries took more photos than the other types, so they don’t need to be changed as often.  The longest-lasting lithium battery: Energizer Advanced lithium (809 photos were taken before dying).                                                      The best performer: Energizer Advanced, costs $5.40 per pair but just 33 cents per 50 shots. The top alkaline battery: Duracell Ultra Advanced, costs $3.65 per pair but ends up costing 70 cents per 50 shots.

Rechargeable batteries are a greener choice.  In past tests, precharged rechargeables from the major manufacturers provided about 300 shots out of the box and about 400 shots on their subsequent charge. To find out where to recycle re-chargeables, go to

 Safety tips for batteries:                                                                                   -Use identical batteries of the same chemistry, brand, and age.

-Don’t get batteries wet, expose them to fire, or pierce them; they could explode.

-Don’t carry or store loose batteries next to other metal objects.

-Stop using a battery that feels hot, changes color, or emits an odor

-Use lithiums in high-drain devices such as cameras and alkalines in low-drain devices such as remote controls.

-For toys that are used a lot, consider high-capacity re-chargeables.

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