…there rings a melody?

Sometimes my mind wanders to strange places at the most inopportune times.  During worship, this requires a “spirit check” to determine if this is a divine thought or the subject of my own imagination.

Blessed is the church that acts in unity or in this case – sings a unified melody.  Thanks to modern technology and a desire to make worship accessible to all, the lyrics of our music are delivered in the same manner to each of us.  Surely, the voice of the Body in melody is most pleasing to the Lord.

Now – usually we see this as a good thing.  No doubt it is.

However, it dawned on me recently that in so doing we are no longer a church that sings in harmony.   I’m not proposing a revival of hymnals, but as we have discarded them, we no longer are privy to the true beauty of the tune.  The “parts” intended by the author to give the song a deeper essence have been lost in the simplification of the program.  We may all be on the same page, but are we doing a disservice to the composer if we finger paint the masterpiece? 

In this instance, we can’t all deliver the melody.  Some of us are called to sing the lesser parts.  One thing I have learned in 31 years working adjacent to the music business:   the most beautiful note that can be produced.  You can find it at either end of the scale and sometimes smack in the middle.  The most beautiful note is one of harmony.  It gives depth to the simple and meaning to the mundane. There is certainly an art to such.  I only pray that this “Body” never forsakes it for the melody.

Wally Decker
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