Thursday News, MARCH 02, 2017

National Read Across America /  also known as Dr. Seuss Day


TEASE:   The North Carolina Bar Association is holding its 10th annual

“Ask-a-Lawyer Day” this Friday (March 3) from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Lawyers from across the state will be taking three-hour shifts  to take YOUR calls for FREE.   Last year, more than 530 lawyers participated, helping more than 10,000 citizens in our state. Details at

In the Triad, the number to call will be (855) 899-9037.


Wayne Farms is recalling + 12,000 pounds of ready-to-eat chicken products. The recall is for cases of two clear plastic 5-pound bags of “Waffle Breaded Bites: Fully Cooked Breaded White Meat Chicken Bites.”

The products subject to recall bear establishment number “P-20214” inside the USDA mark of inspection. The recall is for products shipped to and sold at Food Lion stores in 10 states including North Carolina.


Big day for snapchat. Today snapchat becomes available to the public to purchase shares of stock. The IPO (initial price offering) will be $17 – $18.

Snap Inc., public valuation is at least twice as expensive as Facebook Inc., and four times more costly than Twitter Inc.  CNN


The Dow Jones industrial average rose above 21,000 points for the first time yesterday, in what was its biggest gain so far this year.


The IRS says it has $1 billion in unclaimed tax refunds from the 2013 tax year. They are owed to about 1 million taxpayers who didn’t file a tax return that year. As a taxpayer, you only have three years to claim the past refund.

Unclaimed refunds at that point are forfeited to the U.S. Treasury.


Time it took to reach 100 million users…
Telephone 75 years
The Web       7 yrs
Facebook      4 yrs
Instagram     2 yrs
Pokemon      1 month


THINK before using @Twitter?

Just use the acronym for THINK
T—is it true?
H—is it helpful?
I—is it inspiring?
N—is it necessary?
K—is it kind?


McDonald’s sees an uptick in sales of its Filet-O-Fish sandwiches each year during Lent. The burger-chain sells nearly 25% of their fish sandwiches during Lent (traditionally many Catholics forgo meat on Fridays).

USA Today


The birth of the Filet-O-Fish sandwich…

Lou Groen, who owned the first McDonald’s restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio, came up with the idea of a Filet-O-Fish sandwich in 1962, when his franchise was losing Catholic customers on Fridays (during Lent) due to the burger-only options, according to McDonald’s archivist Mike Bullington. 


Lou created a Filet-O-Fish recipe and took it to headquarters, where McDonald’s chief Ray Kroc was also preparing his own meatless alternative the Hula Burger, which consisted of a piece of grilled pineapple and cheese on a bun?


Kroc challenged Groen to a Friday sell-off to see whether customers preferred Kroc’s Hula Burger or the Filet-O-Fish. Well, Lou’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich was an overwhelming success, selling 350 units to the Hula Burger – only selling six sandwiches.  The rest is history.












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