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Here is an email that I recieved from a student at Bishop McGuinness yesterday.  Let’s help theses local students win!!

Hello Tami,

My name is Meghan George and I am a student at Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School in Kernersville, NC. We entered a contest about a month ago that is sponsored by Bing and Microsoft entitled Our School Needs. The winner of this contest will receive $100,000 dollars to go towards the project that their school needs. There is also a second prize of $50,000 dollars that the 3 runners up of each category (elementary, middle, and high school) will receive. What our school needs is a performance pavilion and we entered the contest about a month ago. We wrote an 800 word essay to submit and we had all of our music students come together and write a song and we performed it and made a music video. I sang the solo for said video. We have made it out of 700 schools to the final round of the contest which consists of 15 schools (5 middle, 5 elementary, and 5 high schools.) It is an incredible feat to have made it this far. To see our entry please go to;=false

I am writing to you because I was wondering if WBFJ could help our school get the word out about our part in this contest. The way you win is that people have to go onto the website, make an account, and vote for your school. The school with the highest number of votes after this Sunday, November 7th, wins the contest. The way the voting works is you have to go to the bing website and make an account providing your name, e-mail, and birthday. Once you make an account you will be sent a confirmation e-mail to verify your account. The e-mail will contain a link to the website and if you click that link, log in, and you are now able to vote. You can vote once a day and we are asking everyone to tell everyone that they know that has a computer and is able to vote for us. The head of our music department, Doctor Alan Hirsh, has been working so hard for 12 years on getting this performance pavilion and if we were to win this contest our dream could become a reality.

Thank you so much for your time and we at Bishop McGuinness appreciate anything that you and WBFJ can do to help our school.

In Christ,
Meghan George
Junior at Bishop McGuinness

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