WBFJ News: Monday, APRIL 25, 2016

Wholesale retailer Costco may bump its membership fee by $5 to $10 dollars by early next year…   http://goo.gl/niekBd

Today is … Hairstylist Appreciation Day (Shout out…)
National Crayola Day (favorite color)

Skippy’s Hot Dogs ‘fundraiser’ continues! Over 2,600 hotdogs sold so far…

MONDAY: Volunteer operators = Bib’s and Spring House Restaurant

*Skippy’s Hot Dogs (located at 624 W. Fourth St., in downtown Winston-Salem) will be open daily from 10am to 8pm through Sat, April 30 to raise money for owner Mike Rothman, who has brain cancer. http://goo.gl/XkX0G5

Here’s the deal: Hot dogs will cost $4, fries $3, chips $1 and drinks $1.


In the 80s, we had the mood ring, now we have the mood map?

According to Time, a team of researchers has attempted to map the American mood by compiling a state-by-state ‘ratings’ of personality and temperament.

According to the map, North Carolina residents are “Relaxed and Creative”…



Wholesale retailer Costco may bump its membership fee by $5 to $10 dollars by early next year…   Fox News


Interesting GOP alliance, Ted Cruz and John Kasich are teaming up.

The goal: Keeping front runner Donald Trump from securing enough delegates needed for the GOP presidential nomination before the Republican convention in July.  Cruz has promised to not compete in primary contests in Oregon and New Mexico, states where Kasich is doing well, while Kasich will back out of Indiana where Cruz is performing well.   Fox News


Remember that area code. You must now dial the area code before any seven-digit number, even for local calls. You will NOT have to dial a “1” at the beginning (just for a long-distance call).  Because of the growing number of phones in use, NC is adding a second area code – 743 – to parts of the Piedmont Triad that currently use the 336 area code.   http://goo.gl/osYaJq


Another report has been released reminding the parents of little ones of the danger of those laundry soap ‘pods’. There has been a 20% increase in child injuries by kids placing the brightly colored packets into their mouths. The pods are incredibly hazardous if ingested.     CNN Money


Women are better than men when it comes to keeping passwords private?

In a recent survey, men are twice as likely as women to store passwords or pins to financial accounts on their smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Also, 18-24 year olds are sloppy with their passwords as well.    Time


Let the Strawberry pickin’ begin!  The Children’s Home “berry patch” is officially open! Berries will be available Monday, Thursday and Saturday – while the ripe berries last. . To check availability, call (336) 721-7624   http://goo.gl/BaKXMt



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