WBFJ Wednesday Word (Retro w/ Papa John)

The Wednesday Word from Papa John…

Job stress, home stress, spouse stress, children stress, friend stress, shopping stress, money stress…email stress…

Then add Holiday Stress and you’re about ready to jump over the edge!

I know the very mention of all this stress is causing you stress but bear with me. You are not alone. We all feel it from time to time especially during the holidays.

I have made up my mind I can’t control most of the stressers but I can get a handle on the Holiday Stress thing by remembering what’s really important. It’s not about me or stuff…it’s about HIM.

First of all, don’t skip Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving should be the one holiday that makes us stop and put our life in perspective. Without a thankful heart for all God has done for us, the rest of life, including Christmas is an empty, selfish experience.

Control your shopping. Don’t go in debt to provide your kids and grandkids with “stuff” that will be in  yard sale next summer. I know you would always like to do more for your children at Christmas but really the things they remember are the warm, loving family moments.

My favorite Christmases had little to do with material gifts…being together with Mom and Dad before they died…everyone laughing (no fussing)…sharing stories…being thankful to God…sisters entertaining…plenty of sweet tea…these are the things I will never forget!

Let’s pray for each other not to over-shop, over-eat, or over stress.

We’ve been given the gift of LIFE…let’s celebrate! Have a Blessed holiday season! Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Papa John

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