Wednesday News, June 22, 2022

National ONION RING Day


SUMMER BREEZE:  Enjoy 14.5 hours of ‘daylight’ today!           Record HIGH is 100 (1914).  Normal HIGH is 87 today


Use caution during ‘extreme heat’. 

Drink plenty of fluids (especially water), stay near the AC,

and stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day.

Reminder: Young children and pets should never be left unattended in vehicles!  -NWS


Protect your skin

Apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes BEFORE you go outside. Re-apply every two hours.


If you’re among the millions of Americans who are still waiting on your tax refund from 2021, we have good news for you. The IRS announced it will finally finish processing last year’s ‘pandemic -induced’ tax return backlog this week — meaning your Federal refund will soon make its way to your mailbox or bank account.

*IRS employees have logged 500,000 hours of overtime so far this year.


Pastor Sonny Smith is calling it “a sign from God” after his church’s sanctuary burned to the ground last week with only one thing remaining upright: the cross. “To me, that was a sign from the Lord saying, ‘Don’t worry, I’m still here and I’m going to lead you forward…’”  The congregation of Balsora Baptist Church, located about 30 miles northwest of Fort Worth, met together last Sunday (June 19) outside, near that cross!


Summer is here y’all, and that pretty much guarantees two things are happening somewhere in the South at any given moment –

  1. Someone is putting a sprinkle of salt on a juicy, cold slice of watermelon.
  2. Someone else is giving them all kinds of grief for it.

Adding to salt to watermelon: Now, there’s science to back it up???

Experts agree that by adding salt to something sweet, it suppress the bitter flavor and actually makes food taste that much sweeter. Not to mention, the salt activates your salivatory glands, making the watermelon seem that much juicer.  *“It’s a Southern”


Baby formula giveaway at two locations in the Triad this week!

Thursday (June 23): 11am-5pm at Union Baptist Church, Winston-Salem

Saturday (June 25): 11am-7pm at Four Seasons Town Centre, Greensboro

*Parents and caregivers are eligible to receive one can of baby formula per person. There is no registration and the formula will be distributed on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.

Hosted by StarMed Healthcare –

NOTE: Covid testing and vaccine appointments (info) at


SAD FACT: 40% of all food in the US ends up in the trash.

*Nearly 20% of food ‘thrown away’ at home are leftovers.

SOURCE: The environmental advocacy group National Resources Defense Council

June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

What is the difference between Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

Alzheimer’ is a progressive, degenerative and fatal brain disease. Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia. 24-Hour Helpline 1-800-272-3900

Check out the News Blog for more information…

10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Importance of receiving an early diagnosis

Help for the caregiver at


Gas Tax Holiday? President Biden will call on Congress to suspend the federal gas and diesel tax for three months (through September), as fuel prices continue to climb nationwide. Biden will also call on states to take steps to remove their own taxes on gas and diesel. Administration officials will meet with oil executives later this week. BTW: The Federal tax on gas is 18 cents per gallon and 24 cents per gallon for diesel.


‘A Great Day for Religious Liberty in America’

US Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Parents’ Right to School Choice in Maine Case.

The High Court ruled 6-3 on Tuesday that a Maine school tuition program discriminates against children at faith-based schools as well as “penalizes the free exercise” of religion.  The case, Carson v. Makin, was a challenge to the constitutionality of a program that pays for students to attend private schools in cases when they would have to commute long distances to reach the nearest public school.

“We are thrilled that the Court affirmed once again that religious discrimination will not be tolerated in this country,”

– Kelly Shackelford, First Liberty President, CEO, and Chief Counsel



Officials in Afghanistan say a 5.9 magnitude earthquake has claimed over 1,000 lives with over 1,500 people injured. The earthquake struck a rural, mountainous region of eastern Afghanistan near the Pakistani border.  CNN


Texas’ top cop called the police repose to the school shooting in Uvalde an “abject failure” and testified yesterday that although officers had the power to stop the shooter within three minutes of him entering the building, they waited in the hallway for more than an hour.  CNN


The Senate on Tuesday began debate on bipartisan gun reform legislation that if passed, would represent the biggest change to American gun laws in decades. The Senate is on track to approve the bill this week.


Pop-up Farmers’ Market happening in Lexington on Wednesdays!

A Pop-Up Farmers Market will take place this morning (June 22) in the parking lot behind Conrad & Hinkle grocery store from 8am til noon in uptown Lexington.

(The store is closed on Wednesdays, leaving room for the pop-up market.)

The pop up Farmer’s Markets are planned each Wednesday through August 13.

Go to ‘Lexington Farmers Market’ on Facebook for details.








Reminder: Covid-19 vaccines for children younger than 5 are rolling out this week following a recent sign-off from the FDA and CDC.

*Find a Covid Vaccine or Booster near me at



Sam’s Club annual memberships now $8 dollars, for a limited time. The reduced-price memberships are limited to one person through this Sunday, June 26, and are redeemable at in-person locations. A normal membership costs $45 per year.

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I enjoy many things: Music. Family movie nights. My American flag flapping in the wind. Sunsets at the beach. Snow days. The Sweet Tea Party. Salvation through Grace… VERSE: “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD” Psalm 150 QUOTE: “A person who loves his job, will never work a day in his life.” MON-SAT 6A-10A (& Sunday@5 host)