Wednesday Word

Everything in my life gets a name or a song or both! My first car was a Plymoth Valiant called “Roach”.  My present Mighty Max pickup is “Max” (or “Maxine” on cold mornings). My hammer is called “Wally”, my wife–she’s “The Jude” and the list goes on.

Thursday gave birth to both a name and a song. I woke up with intense flank pain and two hours later was on the table for a CT Scan. Later in the afternoon I was told that “Rocky” was now in my life (or at least in my stream) and the theme from “Rocky” became my new song.

My friend nurse Christina saw my CT Scan results, 7mm UVJ Calculus and commented, “THAT’S A BIG ONE!”. MY cohort Tracy doing the morning show while Papa Wally had his own new delivery, gave me his lemon water receipe to help with my delivery.

So how did it all work out? Not sure yet. The Bible says some things about stones but nothing seems to fit. Except it’s a 7 and that is the perfect number. I am comforted by the thought, “This too shall pass“!

I am having fun with this now–the calm before the storm–but I hear I am in for some serious moments of reckoning real soon! God is good all the time.

Papa John

John Hill
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Dr. Gary Chapman gave my searching heart a little booklet listing “Short Terms Abroad”. That landed me at Christian radio station WIVV on Vieques Island in the Caribbean off and on until I came to WBFJ in 1986. I say “off and on” since I took 3 years out for Southwestern Seminary in Ft. Worth. My better half Judy gave me the greatest ‘human’ gift in 1987 when she said “I do”. Don’t try to reconcile the math, but I have 3 teen age grandchildren now. Hannah, the oldest gave me the name “Papa John” and was disappointed when she found out that all those pizza places were not mine. MON-FRI 7P-MIDNIGHT, SAT 6P-10P