Wednesday Word

“When Social Distancing is no longer an Excuse”


For those of you who don’t know, I’m basically a really shy guy who barely says anything when I’m not on the air…. Yeah right…April Fools’! But here’s the thing. I am truly an Introvert with a strong tendency towards Self-Isolation.  Have been since I was a young boy. As I learned years ago, being an introvert is more about the drain of being in social situations and what it takes to recharge the batteries.  My seemingly non-stop talking often times has more to do with how long I’ve been in self-imposed isolation, and fitting in with others, than anything else.

So, I probably shouldn’t have been surprised to hear all the reports last week about peoples’ lives being changed so drastically, what with “social distancing” and “stay at home orders” becoming our new normal. The reality I couldn’t escape was how my schedule hadn’t changed much at all.  Sure, I’m missing seeing the little man and family, as well as being with my church family on Wednesday and Sunday.  But, honestly, everything else has been pretty much the same.  That bothered me.

Then I read Kurt’s Wednesday Word last week about the “What if’s?” Could it be that Father God (whom, I firmly believe, did not create this virus) might be using this season as a means of lovingly showing me something about my routine, and how I could be making some changes in my life that would glorify Him and further His kingdom?  Things like loving my neighbor (which can begin with more prayer for them), showing others hope and being prepared to share about the One who gives me hope. Perhaps He’s reminding me, when I get frustrated with all these changes, that adhering to this stay at home order is actually an act of love towards my neighbor? Or that maybe, like Moses and many others, that what I see as a shortcoming rendering these changes impossible is absolutely possible with Him? Or that making these changes can start right now, and not when social distancing is no longer an excuse?

What is God trying to show you?


Grace and Peace,



Wally Decker
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