Wednesday Word

The headline of the press release said this:


The release was full of positives about last week’s Carolina Classic Fair, including the spin of attendance being down primarily due to the weather.  That was certainly true. There was also a lot of talk, even before the fair began, about other factors like the virus and the name change.  That may have been true as well. Then this morning, while doing my devotionals, the Lord gave me a new title that I believe is truer than all the others:


 Years ago, my daughter Taylor and I decided to end our days together by telling each other where we had seen God that day.  It was always such an uplifting and positive thing to do and I loved hearing where she said she’d seen Him (Childlike faith is such an awesome thing to experience!).  So, I thought it would be interesting to share with you some of the places where I saw God last week at the Carolina Classic Fair:

  • In the faces, words and actions of our Volunteers at the Gazebo.  There were a lot of smiles, enthusiasm and positive words from folks who didn’t earn a penny helping us keep everything running smoothly at the WBFJ Gazebo. Some of them had worked all day, then given up an evening or part of their weekend to come out and share the love of the Lord with total strangers.


  • In the look in that little girl’s eyes, who’s now a wife and Mommy herself, when she told me another grandchild is coming next April. Others had already said before that a child may not be possible, but God had shown up and said that with Him all things are possible.  My little man is living proof!  And now He’s going to do it again.  Some tears of joy were shed at the entrance to the fair last Tuesday morning.


     3)  I saw God in the companionship and fellowship we shared as a staff at the Fair.  This season of pandemic has been tough on a lot of us, and the staff at WBFJ has been no exception.  It was good for all of us to get out and be among you again doing what God has called us to do.


     4)  In the worship experience many of us had when Baylor Wilson led us in “How Great is our God” during the concert last Wednesday night.  Though attendance was down, it didn’t stop us from worshipping Him, and He was there to hear and see it.


     5)  In the comments of people of all ages and races who came to the Gazebo to tell us how much they appreciated WBFJ, or how much a song we play has affected their lives.  We were reminded that God is still using us as a vehicle to reach and help change the lives of others.  That is a priceless paycheck!

There were other examples but I think I’ve made my point.  Let me close by asking you:  Where have you seen God today?

Grace and Peace,


Wally Decker
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