Wednesday Word

“God’s Lifesavers”

     Have you heard the story about the drowning man, also known as two boats and a helicopter? It’s about a man who refuses several rescue attempts in the face of approaching floodwaters, each time telling the would-be rescuers that God will save him.  When he gets to heaven and asks God why He didn’t do it, he’s reminded by God that He tried 3 times but the man refused.  You get the picture.

Now some may say that the man was a devout Christian and was expecting a miracle, while others would point out God sent 3 “Lifesavers” to rescue him but was turned down all 3 times.  Perhaps he was waiting on a more profound act by God, although 2 boats and a helicopter aren’t too shabby.  Or maybe he was just letting his pride and ego get in the way of some help from others that a sovereign God had been trying to provide so that He could be saved.

A few weeks ago, I felt pretty much like that man.  As you may recall, about 4 years ago I suffered a stroke due to what was determined as high blood pressure and cholesterol.  God sent some lifesavers in a big way then and I was, many would say (including me!), miraculously healed.  For a couple of years afterward I took my medications as prescribed and had no further issues.  Then I started trying to “play God,” as they say.  I figured that eating better, walking and losing 30 lbs. would do the trick (all good ideas, mind you).

When I ran out of medication I borrowed some from friends for a while (also not a good idea). I should add at this point that I haven’t had health insurance but also didn’t ask for help or shop around to see if God could provide something affordable. Long story short, by the time John Hill got me to the hospital (My “Unsung Hero” btw) my blood pressure was dangerously high. I ended up spending 2 nights there and missing my 2nd Sharathon in 4 years.

I told you these stories to share that, first of all, I still believe God is in the miracle business.  I’ve seen Him in action with my family more than once in the last several years.  But I also believe He’s in the business of handing out “Lifesavers” as well. So, the next time you ask God for help, just remember that His help can come in many ways.  It may even be someone else He’s using to share a lifesaver with you…take it.

Grace and Peace,



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