Wednesday Word

ME 336-671-EDIT

August 23,2020 4:08:36 PM


I tried to call you but no answer. Maybe

you are napping. I love the pictures [EDIT].

Sorry I  had to break away last time to

diagnose the AM transmitter problem. Its

complex but composed of simplier units. Its

like troubleshooting life’s issues which  can

be complex. You break it down into smaller

simplier issues and solve each one at a time.

The world, the flesh, and the devil will try

throwing the whole mess at us at once

to discourage us. God instead reminds us

to deal with the smaller issues one by one

to solve the problem. And HE will gladly

help us do it. God does not force us to do

right things but He does work hard at

encouraging us to do so! Don’t listen to the

voice of the enemy. God has been working

and we will gradually see His Hand if we

press on. We must free our lives of anger

as left to its own, it will take over and leave

us depressed. I have been depressed and its

like a grave with the ends knocked out…

depression is like a magnifying glass…under it

every little bug looks like a monster…every

problem, blown out of proportion. OK. Sorry

I missed you. I love you and am so proud of you.

I see you through the eyes of faith…settled,

blessed, fulfilled ,loving, faithful and maybe

even a little rich. Haha!


Love you… papa j


  1. Today’s Wednesday WORD is actually a TEXT

to a special person. I ran across it scrolling back

through my text messages. I consider you special

so please feel free to also receive it if you will. I

don’t usually share personal messages but I think I

can I trust you with this one. Everybody needs a

little verbal hug every now and then!

John Hill
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