Wednesday Word

42 years ago my Wife’s first pregnancy came to an abrupt end.  We were devastated.  You need to understand that my Wife was born to be a Mother.  She had already assisted in helping to rear a nephew and two nieces.  Now, her own first child was gone. 

Further disappointment came with the Doctor’s prognosis that she would probably never be able to have Children.  But we simply weren’t going to agree with that, so in Faith we moved on. 

Less than a year later my Wife and I were being Prayed over by a certain Pastor.  As he Prayed I suddenly saw in my minds eye, a triangle, and I heard the LORD say, “This is you, your Wife, and your new Child!”  I kept it to myself for a while. 

A short few weeks later that same Pastor came to me privately and said, “Tell your Wife to begin taking good care of herself, for she is with Child.”  I didn’t wait hardly a moment and shared with her the wonderful news.  She wasn’t quite as excited due to what the Doctor had told us. 

But a short time later it was confirmed she was, indeed, Pregnant!  While we “walked on thin ice” for the first few months, time began to prove that this Child was coming! 

On September 24th, 1981, our First Son was Born!  Now, of course, as with all Families, we celebrate every year that Glorious Miracle whom GOD gave us.  We do the same with our Second Son, and now every year, our Grandson! 

John 1:4, speaking of JESUS, says, “In him was life; and the life was the light of men.”  How Glorious IS that LIGHT, and How Precious IS that LIFE!  From HIM, By HIM, Because of HIM, and FOR HIM! 


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