Wednesday Word – August 21

Let’s talk about compassion.

Did you know the word compassion comes from two Latin words, which, when put together, mean to “suffer with”?

Compassion.  To suffer with someone.

It’s the punched-in-the-gut feeling you get when you find out a close friend’s loved one has died.

It’s staying up all night worrying and praying about a family member who has been diagnosed with a deadly disease.

It’s the time spent talking to a hurting friend, when there are a million other things you could and should be doing at that moment.

It’s buying groceries for the single mom even though you barely have enough to feed your own family.

Compassion, then, means that you are taking a little (or a lot) of someone else’s suffering on yourself. You are sharing the burden.  It is so much more than offering up some kind words and then getting on with your day as if nothing has happened.

Compassion was modeled to us by our Savior who embodied what it means to “suffer with”.

As followers of this Savior, Compassion is the fruit by which we will be judged.

Who is the Holy Spirit asking you to suffer with today?


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