Wednesday Word for December 8th

Hello, WBFJ friends! Under some hilarious circumstances, my four-year-old daughter, Lexa, continually reminds me of God’s goodness and grace. I am sure that you can relate to the fact that my December calendar is booked solid. Every day seems like a mad rush, with little time to savor the special moments leading up to Christmas. One evening, after an especially hectic day, I was rushing Lexa to get out of the bathtub. She loves the jacuzzi tub in my bedroom and was enjoying the opportunity to splash around in the bubbly warm water. In the same melody she uses to sing one of our mealtime blessings, Lexa began to sing, “Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful tub!”. Hearing her precious voice sing that song, reminded me just how often I take for granted the simple but wonderful blessings that God provides me every day. Needless to say, once I got in the tub myself, I took a moment to say a prayer of thanks, thanking God not just for the warmth of a relaxing bath, but for the warmth of His amazing love. My prayer for all of us this holiday season is that we can take the time to savor the joy of Christ’s birth and praise our loving Father for His many blessings, big and small…


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