Wednesday Word for February 2nd

When I was a kid, my favorite excuse for not doing a job around the house was always, “No one told me it needed to be done”.   This drove my parents crazy.  I can remember my dad on more than one occasion saying something like, “Look at this trash can…it is overflowing with garbage!  I shouldn’t have to tell you to empty it, you should just be able to see that it needs to be done and then do it!”  Now, with 3 children of my own, I can completely understand his frustration!
I am pretty sure that I frustrate my Heavenly father in the same way sometimes.   How many times have I neglected work that needed to be done within the Kingdom, using the excuse, “Well, God has not called me to that work, so I will leave it for someone else.”  Yes, we all have unique gifts and a unique calling.  Yes, we should put those gifts to work wherever God leads us.  However, I am convinced that there are some big messes in this world that God has already told us repeatedly to attend to.  We do not need to wait for Him to specifically call us to act in these areas because he already has commanded us to do so in His Word.
There are dozens of scriptures where God says it is our responsibility to care for the widow, the orphan and the stranger.  In Matthew 25, known as the “Parable of the Sheep and Goats”, Jesus says he will welcome the “sheep”—those people, who, throughout their lives, nourished the hungry, invited in strangers, clothed the naked, looked after the sick, and visited prisoners.   As followers of Jesus, we are compelled to be the sheep.
If you are looking to roll up your sleeves and start cleaning up some of the world’s messes, there are so many places where you are needed.  One wonderful way to make a difference is by sponsoring a child through Compassion International.  You can read about my recent trip to Mexico City with Compassion here:  Also, make sure to listen to WBFJ on February 22nd and 23rd as we are dedicating those days to getting as many needy kids sponsored as possible.
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