Wednesday Word for June 6

Happy Wednesday!

We’ve made it half way to the weekend…woo-hoo!

I’ve been following an incredibly strict diet in an effort to lose about 50 stubborn pounds that just haven’t budged since my body became a baby factory about 15 years ago.  As part of this eating plan, I’ve had to completely eliminate all added sugar from my diet.  It’s been difficult for me, because I LOVE sweet stuff.  In an attempt to fill the sugar void, I’ve started using stevia to sweeten some things like coffee and flavored water, etc.  But, like every other sweetener I’ve ever tried, it’s just not the same.  I can tolerate it, but it’s really not what my taste buds are craving.

Just like my sweet tooth knows when I’m trying to trick it with something other than sugar, our spirits also know when they are not getting what they really crave.  How much heartbreak do we allow into our lives when we chase after things to fill the yearning in our souls that only God can satisfy?  God designed us to seek after Him like a junk-food junkie looking for a sugar fix.  So many of us try to find satisfaction from artificial things (money, lust, food, alcohol, etc.) that might make us happy for a little while, but will never leave us completely satiated.

If you are feeling empty today, maybe you’ve been turning to the wrong things to fill you up.  Take some time alone with God.  Cry out to Him.  Tell Him about the hole in your heart and ask him to fill it.  Then, keep seeking Him, keep allowing him to satisfy your cravings, never allowing something artificial to take the place in your soul reserved for Jesus.

~ Tami

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