Wednesday Word for March 16th

Things can get a little routine for all of us.
But then life happens. We get THE call.
Like many afternoons at WBFJ, I get word of a fender bender or a slow down. I report it and go on.
But there are days like yesterday when I get reports of an accident and I know it is bad. I know someone probably died in the crash.
 It’s those calls that shake me up and remind me life is about real people… friends, family or someone else’s friends and family.
None of us are immune from getting the call.
March 17, 1991 I received mine. My brother-in-law called to tell me that my 81 year old mom and dad had died in a car crash on Highway 52 in Mt. Airy.
 It was a Sunday night and they had been visiting family and shut-ins.
The good news is they lived a full live and are with the Lord forever.
Whether you are a part of the WBFJ Traffic Team, prayer partner, giver, listener, volunteer or all the above, I want to personally thank you for being a part of this family.
 Let’s not let the ROUTINE or fear of THE call to discourage us and keep us from pressing on.

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