Wednesday Word – March 6

My husband,Tony and I are “Revolutionaries”. It is not a club, but a group of people who
love to run or walk. There are rules, guidelines and goals, but good ones to the point where
it is for self satisfaction, motivation and fun while exercising! It gives one something to work for,
but not condemned if goals are not met. In fact, if struggling, other members will help by giving
pointers or even meet somewhere to workout together. We cheer for each other at races and make
up races just for the enjoyment of getting to know each other better. We have met so many great
friends and have had fun staying in shape. Read what one runner did for a friend and it will help
you to better understand why we love being a part of the “Revolutionaries”:

“This past Saturday, I paced my friend to her sub-4 marathon. Initially,
I was only going to pace a couple of miles or maybe around a half marathon
distance. At the end, I’ve decided to run the whole marathon with her. It
was a nice and easy long run for me but I’ve also learned that running
another person’s pace isn’t always easy. Pacing reminds me of walking
with others in life. It takes patience, it takes going the extra miles (26.2
in my case), and carrying more than your own load (water bottles, gels,
and shirts in my case). But it all pays off at the end to see her cross
the finish line and succeed. Investing in people is not a “cheap”
investment, but it always pays off.”

How far would you go for a someone?

“Revolutionaries” motto: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Philippians 4:13

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