Wednesday Word – May 29

Well, this is it—my last Wednesday Word, and my last week as an employee of WBFJ—before transitioning into a new phase in my life. First, I’d like to testify to the fact that God is moving through this ministry in more ways than meet the eye (or the ears), and secondly, I’d like to very briefly share with you what WBFJ has meant to me these past three and a half years.

We all desire a family that will be there for us—to support us, to encourage us, and most importantly, to pray for us. WBFJ does exactly that, and in doing so, gives new meaning to the phrase, “your family station”. It’s the right song at the right time, words of encouragement through Scripture, it’s the prayers that go up on our behalf every morning, it’s the smiles and joyful laughter at VBS Express stops and the eager appreciative children that are blessed by WBFJ’s Cici’s Pizza Pledge, it’s the excitement in winning awesome prizes, it’s the fun of Christian concerts, it’s the beauty of love expressed through our Love Handles Anniversary Contest, and the celebration of life through sharing in the Birthday Bundle, it’s the ministry of the Christmas Blessing, and the blessing of the Sweetheart Surprise…not to mention skate nights, Operation Christmas Child, Shoes for Orphan Souls, and many, many more ways that WBFJ is used as an instrument of God’s great love for us. And all of this is LOCAL! WBFJ is in your schools, your churches, your communities!

I implore you to invest into your family- who promises to be here for you no matter what…to support you, to encourage you, and most importantly, to pray for you; and as a radio station, promises to keep bringing you only the best tunes for your ears with the most uplifting and encouraging messages for your heart.

Personally, without God’s goodness and the blessing that is my family—WBFJ, I don’t know who I’d be, or where I’d be today. I am only one of many that have been touched through the life-saving ministry of WBFJ…and I am eternally grateful.

God bless you all!


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