THANK YOU for honoring YOUR Pastor this month! These precious individuals deserve (and NEED) our prayers continually.. Check out what listeners across the Triad have stated about their Pastor.

CONGRATULATIONS to our Winning Pastor! Russ May from Anthony’s Plot in Winston-Salem.


Entered By: Amy Rudisill
PASTOR’S Name: Sharon Lee
Central United Methodist Church
Denton, NC

Pastor Sharon desperately needs a break! After her new appointment to our church in July, she has been in and out of the hospital twice for surgery. As if the move of her family, new job, new community wasn’t stressful enough! She has been an amazing trooper! I have seen her faith through all she has been through and she has had a great attitude through it all!

Entered By: T.A. Wall
PASTOR’S Name: Dr. Lawrence Clapp
South Elm Street Baptist Church
Greensboro, NC

Dr Clapp has served us since1984 and is a very godly man. He has mentored us, prayed with us, baptized us, preached some of our loved ones home-going services, performed our weddings, was there at the birth of our children, helped bring us to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, helped with the healing of broken hearts, and the list goes on.Lots of times sacrificing personal time and time with his own family.

Entered By: Carol Tilley
PASTOR’S Name: Chris Ehrlich
Wallburg Baptist Church
Wallburg, NC

Being a pastor is a full time job, 24-7. They are on call all of the time. All are deserving of a break! Our church is in a transition period with a lot of change and with change comes added stress on the leaders. I feel he could use a break to help recharge his spirit in order to handle all of the stressful situations that come with differences of opinions. He and his family serve our congregation with total dedication. Thank you for your consideration of our pastor!

Entered By: Eva Whitman
PASTOR’S Name: Bryant Madren
Old Richmond Evangelical Methodist Church
Tobaccoville, NC

Pastor Bryant has been with our church for 12 years now and has relentless given of himself to the kingdom of our Lord, our church family and others outside of our church. He always ready at a moments notice to give even more of himself. He is a man after God’s own heart. He and his family are a blessing to our church family. We have grown alot in the last several years and I truly believe that The Lord sent Bryant to us to grow His Kingdom. We are in a building project and we are expecting great things to happen. Bryant rarely takes any time for himself and his family. He really needs to take sometime for himself.

Entered By: Linda Stone
PASTOR’S Name: Adrian Starks
World Victory International Christian Center
Greensboro, NC

Pastor Adrian is a powerful speaker who leads be example – He preaches the Word of God and lives by the Word of God. He has deep compassion for those who are hurting – he is patient and kind when people want to talk with him. He is a husband to Shandi and a tremendous father to 4 beautiful daughters ages 12 – 4 – He honors God in all he does and he does a lot and he truly deserves a break!! Thank you and God bless you for honoring my Pastor!!

Entered By: Shawnie Poplin
PASTOR’S Name: Brad Wright, Johnny Gupton
Glenview Baptist Church
Winston-Salem, NC

Pastor Brad – As of the last Sunday of August he has been left to do the work of two pastors. He is our family pastor but also he has stepped up to take on the senior pastor position. He has also helped with this position as the music pastor I feel that they both deserve this.

Pastor Johnny – He is full of energy but has had extra responsibility but on him since the senior pastor has left. the family pastor and Johnny have stepped up to fulfill the job until we can get a full-time senior pastor.

Entered By: Caleb Dillingham
PASTOR’S Name: Gary Chapman
Calvary Baptist Church
Winston-Salem, NC

My pastor Gary Chapman deserves a break because, he never seems to take a break he is always there every Sunday bringing the Word Of God for us to listen to, and he has also been making sure his wife is ok, she had been dealing with cancer, she is starting to get better. I think Gary deserves a break because He gives of himself faithfully while we wait and pray for our next pastor. He deserves a break. He is there for members and personally I just want to say thank you Gary Chapman for what you at Calvary!

Entered By: Darla Simmons
PASTOR’S Name: Gerald Jones
Brim’s Grove Baptist Church
Pilot Mountain, NC

Our pastor gives his all in everything he does. If you are in the hospital he shows up and it doesn’t matter what time it is. He takes time to visit the homebound and brings encouragement when needed the most. He has a positive attitude even in all the difficult situations he faces each day. He makes time to make the little ones in church to feel loved and important. God has blessed Brim’s Grove with such a dedicated pastor.

Entered By: Melissa Furches
PASTOR’S Name: Brad Stamey
Bethany Baptist Church
Winston-Salem, NC

I am submitting this on behalf of my 6 year old son, Taylor Furches. He heard the blurb on the radio this morning on the way to school, and asked if we could please, please enter Pastor Brad! Pastor Brad and his family came to our church a little over a year ago, after finishing their term as missionaries in Russia. Since their family’s arrival, our church has just been transformed in such amazing ways! Brad’s focus is truly on honest prayer, and building a relationship with God through prayer. Not that we weren’t a praying church before, but boy are we a praying church now! He also focuses strongly on missions, having been in the mission field, but has made us so much more aware that the mission field is EVERYWHERE, not just overseas, which we often envision first. I believe that Brad and his family have brought new life into Bethany Baptist Church, and we as a church are eternally grateful. I believe he is causing us all be be so much more aware of others, near and far, and how to make sure that everyone we meet meets Jesus through their interactions with us.

Entered By: Amy Rector
PASTOR’S Name: Paul Stewart
Shady Grove Baptist Church
Boonville, NC

Our pastor is one of the most genuine people I know. He is always serving our congregation in a variety of ways: going to hospitals, even for minor surgeries; meeting with us to counsel, or even take a phone call for a person who is weeping because of the mess they have gotten themselves into; he even takes care of us in small ways like fixing a lawn mower for those that live near him or giving a lift to work because a car won’t start or keys are missing, etc. Pastor Paul also loves others around the world. He took me on my first short term mission trip; since then I have been on a total of 5 of them with him spearheading them all; he also has visited various parts of South Africa on his own annually for several years and helped start and grow churches there. He also does local missions in supporting food banks, pregnancy centers and missionaries working domestically. He has the faith of a mountain and is faithful in all things. I think a lot of people share my appreciation of our pastor. God bless Pastor Paul.

Entered By: Denise Williard
PASTOR’S Name: Stephen Corts
Center Grove Baptist Church
Clemmons, NC

Dr. Corts is a mover and a shaker! He continues to serve his community, his church, and its people faithfully and unselfishly. Our church has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 3 years and this is a direct result of the faithfulness, leadership, direction, and vision Dr. Corts has set for the church, its staff, and its people. As Dr. Corts says over and over again, “it is not about me, it is about Jesus.” When you love and serve as Jesus did, it changes the world! Dr. Corts is constantly doing for others…let’s take a moment and do for him! Let’s love on him the way he loves on others!!

Entered By: Teresa Lowe
PASTOR’S Name: Huey Turner
Church of Tomorrow
Thomasville, NC

Pastor Huey is nominated for this special reward because he is most deserving for an opportunity to have some personal down time to spend with his wife and children. The Church of Tomorrow is experiencing the most amazing spiritual restoration one can imagine! It is truly exciting to be in worship and hear God’s message through Pastor Huey. The Church of Tomorrow and Pastor Huey fight for and established the first homeless shelter in Thomasville. However, not long ago the church came under a vicious attack by the forces of evil in which most of the church members abandoned ship. With only a small group of members left, and with the church bearing expenses for the shelter, Pastor Huey had to look beyond the church for income to support his family. He is now working a full time job with Verizon which requires a lot of traveling. But trusting where God guides, God provides, Pastor Huey is faithful to acknowledge and give praise to God for His faithfulness and blessing on the Church of Tomorrow as well as the Shepherd’s Inn.

As we celebrate Pastor Appreciation day this week, we want to honor Pastor Huey and this special opportunity to take a break would be a wonderful way to just say “thank you, Pastor Huey” for his obedience, his belief, and his vision to bring restoration to our church.

Entered By: Scott Bannister
PASTOR’S Name: Michael Bowers
Rich Fork Baptist Church
Thomasville, NC

This year has been a good year but also a very stressful year for our Pastor. This summer he had to work with the loss of our summer intern that planned our summer with the arts program. It just so happened that she passed away the second day of the program. Our intern grew up in the church and was close with all of the staff. She was close to all of our staff but especially our pastor. I think he was emotionally drained a month after her passing. God has got him through it but it would be nice to have him nominated for this award just to let him know that our members appreciate him and want to thank him for all he does.

Entered By: Teresa Mickey
PASTOR’S Name: Jonathan Robbins
The Summit
Kernersville, NC

I’ll just tell you a true story about what my 12 yr daughter Melissa said about Pastor Jonathan.We were waiting under a shade tree at an imaging office to get CT scans/chest films to rule out anything besides asthma, Melissa has had a lot of sickness since the beginning of school. So we were just listening to 89.3 and they mentioned Pastor Appreciation Week. I was half asleep, but I heard her pipe in and say, “Somebody should nominate OUR pastor, he’d win hands down, wouldn’t he?” I answered “Yep”, but then, curious, I asked her why. Without blinking an eye, she answered “Cause he’s just awesome like that”, and kept reading her book. I think that says it all!!!

Entered By: Celeste Corpening
PASTOR’S Name: Nasby Mills, Jr
Progressive Outreach Ministry
Salisbury, NC

Pastor Mills is the best kept secret in Salisbury, NC. He is a man of integrity that has a love for the people and a heart for God and His vision. Next year, we are plan on breaking ground on a site as we ‘take the WHOLE block’. He is faithful and committed to all his a partners beyond the four walls of the church. In addition, he is an awesome teacher and dynamic preacher. Any sheep would gladly follow this shepherd as he follows God.

Entered By: Tamela Hedgpeth
PASTOR’S Name: Russ May
Anthony’s Plot
Winston-Salem, NC

Pastor Russ May is not a pastor in the traditional sence. His work is not about eloquent words spoken from a pulpit. He spends his days, and most of his nights seeing to the needs of others. He lives at the Anthony’s Plot Community house with his lovely wife and a handful of people sharing their lives to love their neighbors in a radical way.

Entered By: Wendy Hughes
PASTOR’S Name: Jim Vickrey
Victory Baptist Church
Thomasville, NC

He is a bi-vocational pastor that is totally dedicated to Christ. He works full-time doing both jobs and is such a sweet and funny soul. He deserves a break from such a heavy demand.

Entered By: Waynette Thomas
PASTOR’S Name: Garry Snow
Solid Rock Bible Believing Baptist Church
Dobson, NC

My pastor is not only committed to his mission as a pastor but also manages a full time job raising chickens.

Entered By: Tracie Boyd
PASTOR’S Name: Chris Ehrlich
Wallburg Baptist Church
Wallburg, NC

He is an awesome preacher. He is always there for the congregation. He goes & visits the sick & shut-ins all the time. He has great sermons on Sundays that really touch us. He is always trying to motivate & lead our church in a positive way.


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