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Bible App for Kids reaching millions

The Bible App for Kids was created 10 years ago to encourage children to engage with God’s Word, is now in the hands of more than 100 million users.  In 2013, YouVersion partnered with OneHope, a faith-based global outreach organization, to create the Bible App for Kids. Now 10 years later, the app’s creators are celebrating its 100 millionth user.


The Bible App for Kids has been translated into numerous languages including Spanish, Chinese, French, Polish, Mongolian, and Swahili.

Bible App for Kids uses 41 major stories from the Bible and helps children share God’s word with their friends and also provides resources to parents, pastors, and church leaders.  www2.cbn.com/news/us/kids-bible-app-hits-massive-milestone-puts-gods-word-100m-user-hands


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