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Max Lucado: “God never gives up on us”

On the outside, pastor and author Max Lucado had it all together. Lucado was part of a thriving church. Had top-selling books. Was given the distinction “Best Preacher in America.” […]

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Friday News for September 22, 2023

Final day of Summer? Tree pollen and Weed pollen MODERATE for Friday www.forsyth.cc/EAP/pollen.aspx   Tropical Storm Warnings have been posted along the coastal areas of North and South Carolina through the […]

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“Fall Color Guy”

Fall officially begins Saturday, September 23, 2023 Dr Howie Neufeld, professor of Biology at App State University in Boone, aka the “Fall Color Guy” shares with Verne (WBFJ radio) his […]

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Thursday News for September 21, 2023

Tree pollen and Weed pollen MODERATE for Thursday www.forsyth.cc/EAP/pollen.aspx   If you would like to ‘volunteer’ with WBFJ during the upcoming fair, email Bonnie bonnie@wbfj.org. 8 days and counting – […]

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SUN@5: September 24, 2023

There is HOPE after trauma. ‘REBOOT Recovery First Responders’ is a 12-week, faith-based, course that helps first responders and their families heal from ‘critical incident stress and trauma’. This course is […]

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Wednesday News for September 20, 2023

Tree pollen and Weed pollen MODERATE for Wednesday www.forsyth.cc/EAP/pollen.aspx   LifeCon 2023 (TONIGHT) Salem Pregnancy Care Center is hosting this pro-life forum aimed at raising up the next generation of […]

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Election 2023: Are you registered to vote?

Today is National Voter Registration Day  According to 2020 U.S. Census data, as many as 1 in 4 eligible Americans are not registered to vote. “Be #VoteReady in 2023 and […]

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Tuesday News for September 19, 2023

Fall officially begins this Saturday (Sept 23)  Tree pollen HIGH.  Weed pollen MODERATE for Tuesday. www.forsyth.cc/EAP/pollen.aspx   The American Red Cross is experiencing a national blood shortage.  Donors of all […]

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“Route 60: The Biblical Highway”

“Route 60: The Biblical Highway” A full length documentary in theaters nationwide TODAY (Tuesday, Sept 19). From Nazareth to Beersheba, “Route 60” journeys where the prophets and Jesus traveled – […]

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Blood donors needed

The American Red Cross is experiencing a national blood shortage. Donors of all blood types are urgently needed. Actually, there is a critical need for type O blood donors.  *Schedule […]

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