Program Guide

6:30am – Focus on the Family Minute

8:30am – Focus on the  Family Minute

9:30am – Walk the Way

10:25am – Proverbs 31

11:00am – Women Of Joy

11:25am – Worship And The Word

12:25am – Home Word Snapshots

1:00pm – A Quick Word with Beth Moore

1:25pm – Route 66 with David Jeremiah

2:00pm – Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer

2:25pm – Real Family Life

3:00pm – Mission Network News

3:25pm – Upwords

4:00pm – My Money Life

4:30pm – A “Love Language Minute” with Gary Chapman

5:30pm – Walk the Way

6:30pm – Chocolate And God

7:00pm – Daily Hope with Rick Warren

7:30pm – A Time for Harvest with Greg Laurie

8:00pm – A Quick Word with Beth Moore

8:30pm – Share Life Today

11:00pm – A Word With You with Ron Hutchcraft

1:00pm – 20: The Countdown Magazine

10:00pm – Crossroad Light

8:30am – Adventures in Odyssey

9:00am – Worship And The Word with Pastor Robert Morris

5:00pm – Sunday @ 5

8:00pm – 20: The Countdown Magazine

10:00pm – Streets of Gold, Classic CCM