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Bubble Wrap Appreciation day

Monday is Bubble Wrap Appreciation day

 Interesting facts…😊

Bubble Wrap® was originally invented as wallpaper

Fifty years ago, two guys (Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes) created three-dimensional wallpaper from sealed air pockets between shower curtains. They thought people would love the groovy design, but Bubble Wrap’s destiny was function over fashion. A great packaging material was born.

Bubble Wrap® was almost an official toy

Bubble Wrap made it to the National Toy Hall of Fame finals in 2016. It was up against other serious contenders. While it didn’t make it in, we hope it will one day.

Popping Bubble Wrap® relieves stress

Toss out that stress ball, give me some bubble wrap

head towards your latest package instead. According to research by Sealed Air Corporation, one minute of popping Bubble Wrap® can reduce stress levels as much as 33% – the equivalent of a 30-minute massage.




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