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“Little things for little people can make a huge impact”

Thursday (March 30) is opening day in the Major Leagues for the Boys of Summer.  New this season: A countdown clock for pitchers and bigger bases https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/35631564/2023-mlb-rule-changes-pitch-clock-end-shift-bigger-bases


“Little things for little people can make a huge impact”

Sergio Romo (the longtime relief pitcher) confirmed his retirement from professional baseball following the Bay Bridge Series earlier in the week (Monday). Romo played with several teams throughout his 15-year career – but signed with the Giants less than two weeks ago so he could get one final send-off in front of the San Francisco crowd on Monday (March 27).

Romo decided to wear a ‘special hat’ during his emotion final appearance on the mound on Monday. Throughout spring training, when a kid would ask Romo for his autograph, he would ask them to sign his hat in return.

When asked why, Romo stated that “Little things for little people can make a huge impact…”



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