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Thursday News for November 16, 2023

National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child continues through Monday (Nov 20)


Thanksgiving is ONE week away.                                            Questions? Contact 1-800-Butterball or https://www.butterball.com

*Check out the News Blog for tips on preparing that perfect turkey, also recipes, cooking recommendations, meal prep and thawing tips.


Today is ‘Red Cup Day’ at Starbucks 😊

*Simply order a holiday (or fall) beverage at a participating Starbucks (today only)

…and get your drink in a FREE reusable red cup, while supplies last. https://www.starbucks.com/


The U.N. Security Council voted 12-0 Wednesday on a resolution calling for “humanitarian pauses” in Gaza. The U.S. voted to abstain.

The draft resolution also called for the release of “all hostages held by Hamas and other groups, especially children” and for all parties to “refrain from depriving the civilian population in the Gaza strip of basic services and humanitarian assistance.”



ACA: Open Enrollment is happening NOW through December 15.

‘Healthcare’ plans are available through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace for coverage starting Jan 1, 2024. Details: https://www.healthcare.gov/

*NC Navigator Consortium (con-SORE-shem) is available to help.  https://ncnavigator.net/


American Red Cross: Local Blood drives happening this week…

TODAY (Nov 16)

Finch Auditorium (Unity Street) in Thomasville =8:30am – 1:30pm

NC A&T University in Greensboro = 10am – 4pm

Memorial UMC on Randolph Street (Thomasville) = 1:30pm – 6pm

Guilford College UMC (Fleming Road) in Greensboro = 1:30pm – 6pm

Friday (Nov 17)

Forbush Middle School in East Bend = 1pm – 5:30pm

Saturday (Nov 18)

The Rock Church in King = 9:30am – 1:30pm

Churchland Fire Department (Hwy 150 in Linwood) = 9:30am – 2pm

Sunday (Nov 19)

Temple Emanuel on Oakwood Drive in Winston Salem = 11am – 3:30pm

  *Schedule your blood donation appointment TODAY at https://www.redcrossblood.org/give.html/


AAA: More than 55 million Americans are expected to travel over the Thanksgiving holiday, and the vast majority will be driving.

Before you get on the road, check the basics: tire pressure, lights, brakes, fluids.

Review your route ahead of time (even if you are relying on GPS).

Break up long trips by switching drivers and making frequent stops.

Also, keep information handy IF you do have a roadside emergency.

*Smart idea: Have your car checked by a professional before traveling….






Longtime NASCAR announcer Ken Squier passed away Wednesday night at his home in Vermont. Squier was 88.

Ken coined the phrase “The Great American Race” to describe the Daytona 500…

Ken Squier served as the voice of CBS’ NASCAR coverage from 1979 through 1997 before current NASCAR on Fox announcer Mike Joy took over. Squier was one of the co-founders of Motor Racing Network, one of two networks that broadcast NASCAR races on the radio. Squier was inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame (2018).



‘Burn Ban’ has expanded to over 30 counties in western North Carolina.  

All open burns, including leaf burning and campfires, are now banned due to an increased fire danger. https://www.wcnc.com/article/weather/burn-ban-expands-charlotte-north-carolina-fires/275


Aaron Bartholmey from Iowa has been collecting pencils since 1st grade.

The Guinness World Record was 24,000 pencils. Then, Aaron started counting his collection of pencils. The pencil collector discovered that he has over 69,000 pencils and now a Guinness World Record.  https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2023/11/15/pencil-collection-orig-jm.cnn


Focus on the Family daily broadcast: ‘Answering God’s call to Adopt’ (Part 2 of 2)

During the program, learn more about some of the common challenges of foster parenting, such as… feeling overwhelmed, not knowing how past trauma affects behaviors today, loving children and giving them back to their bio parents, dealing with extra stress in your marriage and family and being stretched out of your comfort zone.

Listen to Part Two – TONIGHT at 9pm – on WBFJ


Poll: The average American will consume 26 cookies, 12 slices of pie, and 13 cupcakes over the holidays! Yikes… According to the survey, we will also consume 25 pieces of candy and 13 brownies.  Not counting the main and side dishes!

Note: The poll also found that close to HALF (48%) of us have ‘hidden holiday sweets to prevent roommates or other family members from stealing them’.  The most common hiding spot: in a non-food cabinet – sometimes a bathroom cabinet!   Source: OnePoll 



Can eating sweet potatoes help you lose weight? Experts say YES…

“Sweet potatoes contain fiber. Fiber is rocket fuel for weight loss”, according to Destini Moody, a registered sports dietitian.

Some healthy reasons why we should eat more sweet potatoes…

Sweet potatoes help you feel full for longer.

Combining fiber and complex carbs in sweet potatoes can enhance satiety and satisfaction after a meal.

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

While being low in calories compared to other starchy foods.

Sweet potatoes are a good source of pre-biotics.

Prebiotics fuel the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, aiding in digestion.

Sweet potatoes are packed with complex carbs.

Sweet potatoes deliver a steady stream of energy, preventing energy crashes that can lead to sugary snack cravings.

Sweet potatoes won’t spike your blood sugar.


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