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This past week we had the honor of seeing one of the exchange students that attended school with my children.  She brought her boyfriend along to meet us as well.  They are from Germany. 

It was a delight and education to visit with her boyfriend as we talked about the state of affairs in Germany and the United States.  The more we talked the more we realized that we had much in common on many levels.   

We talked about how in Germany only ten percent of the population refers to God or has anything to do with him.  We talked about how so many things are failing.  I mentioned that if God is left out things will fail.  He is the creator of it all.  His plan is really the only one that works.  Our viewpoint must be a biblical worldview, or it is all in vain.  Either we believe Him and walk accordingly, or we don’t.  I know that may sound too simplistic but aren’t we called to come to God with a childlike faith?  Children think pretty simplistically.   

This then brings me to our message at church Sunday, Jon was discussing with another parent about their freshmen in college. Her daughter knew what she wanted to do with her life, but the mama wanted the daughter to spread her wings at college, his response was my son knows who he is (purpose) he is taking a course, Exploratory Studies to help him find out what he wants to do (path). Our purpose never changes but our path may.  Knowing who we are in Jesus helps to straighten much out in our lives!!! 

He is the Alpha and Omega, we are His children – I want this season to be one in which I chase Jesus with all of my heart!  Won’t you join me?   

My friend Ben Fuller says it best with his new song: 

If I’ve got Jesus 
I’ve got all that I could ever need 
Take the world away from me 
And I’ll be ok 
If I’ve got Jesus 
There’s a hope that’s living deep inside 
A joy that I could never hide 
And a safe place to fall 
If I’ve got Jesus 
I got it all 

I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Romans 12:1 

If you would like to volunteer this year for the Carolina Classic Fair, Sept 30-Oct 8, please email me, bonnie@wbfj.fm.  We have many opportunities, PLINKO, Face Painting, Merch Sales. 

We are so grateful that you are part of our WBFJ family!!!!!!!   

Love & Blessings, 



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