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WBFJ NEWS – Wednesday, September 6, 2023
Tropical Storm Lee is approaching hurricane strength and is expected to rapidly intensify to an “extremely dangerous” hurricane by this weekend.  Lee is expected to become a hurricane sometime Wednesday.  By the weekend, the National Hurricane Center said the storm will likely be a major hurricane.  The current forecast takes the system just north of the Caribbean Islands, but when the storm makes the turn to the north will determine if anywhere in the U.S. will feel impacts.  Stay Tuned! https://myfox8.com/news/tropical-storm-lee-approaches-hurricane-strength-expected-to-rapidly-intensify-to-an-extremely-dangerous-hurricane/


The next time you’re surfing away on the internet in the privacy of your own home by yourself you might want to think about who’s watching what you’re doing online.  And there’s a New Tool on iPhones to Help you find out.  In Safari click the Squares in the Bottom Right Corner to open a new tab.  Then click the Plus Sign in the bottom Left corner, and at the bottom of the screen will be a privacy report.  Click on that to see which websites are tracking you.  Android phones offer Similar features, howbeit iPhone has offered “Incognito” searching for some time now.  Find out more by clicking the link to this story on our News Blog at WBFJ.FM.



Thousands of pounds of smoked sausage products and frozen chicken strip entrees are being recalled over concerns that they may be contaminated with foreign matter.  Hillshire Brands is recalling approximately 15,876 pounds of blended meat and poultry smoked sausage products for potential contamination. The problem was discovered when the company received consumer complaints about bone fragments in the product.  North Carolina is indeed One of the States where the product was sold.  For complete details concerning the recall numbers, check out our News Blog at WBFJ.FM  https://myfox8.com/news/smoked-sausage-product-chicken-strip-meal-recalled-due-to-possible-contamination/


This Little Piggie Went to Market, and This Little Piggie Went to…School?

Well, Mary had a Little Lamb that followed Her, so Why Wouldn’t a Guilford County Student have a Little Pig? – However, it’s Not necessarily a case of “Following”… Maggie the Pig simply gets OUT occasionally, and Guilford County Schools said she made her way to Oak Ridge Elementary on Tuesday morning.  She belongs to a student’s family, and when the student’s dad saw Maggie on social media, he went to the school to pick her up.  Maggie’s neighbors said she often takes walks and gets snacks before finally heading back home. https://myfox8.com/offbeat/pet-pig-ready-to-go-back-to-school-in-oak-ridge/


Director Mel Gibson’s highly-anticipated “Passion of the CHRIST” sequel is scheduled to begin filming in January, 20 years after the original film was released, according to reports.  Jim Caviezel will once again play the Title role, and of course, Gibson will direct.  “The Passion of the CHRIST: Resurrection!”, has been in the development stages for the last 10 years.  In 2016, executive producer/director Gibson said he wanted to take his time in developing the screenplay.  Gibson admits “’The Resurrection’ is a Very big subject and needs to be looked at because we don’t want to do just a simple rendering of it – We need to Read it, Experience and Explore the Deeper meanings of what it’s about, and That’s going to take some doing!”



They’re the snappy, crunchy and nutty snacks you’re likely to see in just about any vending machine anywhere — the Green-wrapped Nature Valley granola bars. Maybe they got you through an early morning college class or helped tide you over before lunch at work — whatever the situation, you can bet it Probably made a Mess!  Why IS that?  Turns out the company isn’t unaware of how crumbly the bars can be. In fact, General Mills, which owns Nature Valley, sees the mess as a signature feature.  But this is not to say the company hasn’t tried making the bars less messy.  Turns out, it just didn’t feel right.  So, don’t expect the bars to change anytime soon.  For added softness, Nature Valley’s hack is a quick pop in the microwave for a warm and chewier snack.  And if all else fails, there’s a reason vacuums exist. Happy Granola eating!



WBFJ Family Station Forecast

Today: Sunny …High 94

Tonight: Partly Cloudy …Low 70

Tomorrow: Mostly Sunny – slight chance t-storms …High 90

Friday: Mostly Sunny slight chance t-storms …High 87

Weekend… Partly Sunny with Highs in the Low 80’s

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