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‘FORE FOR FOUR’ Golf Tournament May 19

 Coffee that’s ‘One-of-a-Kindness’!

Moji Coffee and More has two locations in downtown Winston-Salem: on 690 North Trade Street and 660 W. 5th (inside Forsyth County Central Library).

Anna Donze shares with Wally and Verne (WBFJ Morning Show) that Moji is so much more than a coffee shop…

“We are a job training and employment advocacy program for people with diverse abilities.  At Moji, we cultivate lasting vocational skills and advocate for the employment of people with disabilities beyond our local coffee shops. Whether you like to drink your espresso in a cute café, make your cup-of-joy at home, or have coffee beans ordered online and delivered, we have you covered at any of our local coffee shops. Most importantly, with each purchase, you’ll empower the enriching employment of people in our community. ” 

Special event: ‘FORE FOR FOUR’ Golf Tournament supporting Moji Coffee and more happening Friday, May 19, 2023 at Tanglewood (Clemmons)  https://www.mojicoffee.org/golf-tournament


For the past four years, we have provided meaningful and enriching employment while building a community of friends and coffee lovers. We are celebrating differences. We are fulfilling dreams. We are a community that uplifts.

Our goal is to create as many jobs as possible for individuals with developmental disabilities by providing ongoing vocational skills training, and facilitating the employment of our Mojistas into other jobs outside of our walls.

In the last year, we have expanded our workforce and we are proud to have seen personal growth in every one of our team members… and in the community they serve.  We exist to provide training, job skills, and employment to people who are much more than their disabilities.

All made possible by a community that supports and uplifts them.

Contact with Moji at 336.939.MOJI (6654)                                    EMAIL: info@mojicoffee.org

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