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Picking the perfect watermelon

Tips for picking the perfect watermelon include color, weight, the ever-popular thump test.

-A ripe, juicy watermelon should feel heavy for its size.

-Look for “webbing” or these tiny dotted lines on a watermelon’s exterior, a sure sign that the watermelon is sweet.

-The thump test. To see if a watermelon is ripe, when you tap lightly, you should hear a ‘deep thump’.

-A brown stem (versus a green one) = the watermelon ripened on the vine.

-Opt for a watermelon that is dark in color and dull in luster. A shiny = not ripe.


FACTS: The top 4 states that grow the most watermelons: Florida, Texas, Georgia + California. Watermelons are made of 92% water, hence the name. Watermelons were used as canteens by early explorers. https://blog.aghires.com/20-mouthwatering-watermelon-facts/#


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